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best of the weekHere is the latest round up of our favourite new releases of the past week gathered from our in-box and the internet.

We have the return of psych-rock heavyweights Moon Duo, a Beatles cover from Yuck and new offerings from Foxygen, Methyl Ethel, Duke Garwood and Surfer Blood. Breast Massage is a Nashville supergroup of sorts featuring members of JEFF The BrotherhoodDiarrhea Planet and King Karl and there are MM debuts for Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever and The Sloppy Heads.

  1. Moon Duo – Cold Fear
  2. Yuck – Because (Beatles cover)
  3. Breast Massage – Bathing The Dog
  4. Methyl Ethel – No. 28
  5. Surfer Blood – Six Flags In F Or G
  6. The Sloppy Heads – Always Running
  7. Foxygen – Follow The Leader
  8. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – Julie’s Place
  9. Duke Garwood – Coldblooded The Return











Duke Garwood’s soulful, stripped-bare sound has been receiving much acclaim for his fifth album Heavy Love, his first for Heavenly Recordings.

The word looks set to continue to spread with new single Disco Lights, which has had an appropriately psychedelic treatment for the video.

Watch it here.


Wooden Wand: Live Review.

Wooden Wand || Café Oto, Hackney  || 29 June 2012

Review by Chris T Popper

Ever since I knew Wooden Wand was touring our little island again I have been in a state of high anticipation… mixed in with a sizeable chunk of excitement. In February 2011, Dr Roddy and myself were lucky enough to interview and have a couple of ‘sharpeners’ with James Jackson Toth in York and witnessed an excellent show. So hopes were high for his appearance at the Café Oto in Hackney with support from Dead Rat Orchestra and Duke Garwood.

As the rest of the mackerel shoal will confirm I am rarely late for anything… okay I mean I’m late for everything and I entered the venue with new recruit MisSardine (a sardine amongst friendly mackerel) to find Dead Rat Orchestra already on stage. Greeting Dr Roddy and his partner in crime Isla White (our hello’s being louder than the music, sorry DRO!) we soon settled down with bottles of the fearfully expensive Pale Ale. Luckily I don’t currently have a mortgage so was able to quickly take one out via the mobile to allow me to purchase a few pints.

It became apparent very quickly I should have skipped the shower and arrived earlier because Dead Rat Orchestra were breathtakingly original and I would have loved to see their entire set. Catching the second half of their inimitable style of abstract folk; it culminated in the three members languidly walking off stage in to the centre of the venue with a (sizeable!) log and hand axes glinting off the lights. As they hammered a hypnotic beat off the aforementioned log one lone voice sang of love, deceit and betrayal. It reminded me of the beautifully evocative Wicker Man soundtrack by the legendary Paul Giovanni – high praise indeed. For its sheer originality and stunning visual impact I was mightily impressed. They play Oxford on the 14th July and I suspect I will be leaving the (always hugely enjoyable) Charlbury Beer Festival early to catch them in full flight.

Following this (which I guess wasn’t easy) we had Duke Garwood’s skilful guitar work and melancholy lyrics setting the scene for the night’s main event which we were looking forward to more than David Cameron going to a ‘country supper’.

It was time for the man from Kentucky. Now we have been championing Mr Wand for some considerable time, his music simultaneously thoughtful and unsettling while casting shards of light on our darker impulses and fears. Way too modest to be comfortable with comparisons of names spoken in hushed tones (and I agree, so I’d be doing the man a great disservice to mention any now…) Wooden Wand simply deserves to be taken for what he is; a true one off artist with a gift for melodies and lyrics that had the assemblage lapping up his crooked vista on life.

Sat in the middle of the stage with guitar (and drink close to hand) he started with a new one Strangers Bar, inspired by Intervention the infamous US television show (you need to see it to believe it!). Following that with Mother Midnight before mixing in old favourite Uncle Bill, he chatted to the audience between songs with typical candour.

Southern Colorado Song (about the sibling Dougherty gang that were chased across the US) is mesmerising. DNR Waltz equally as good (and ‘another’ one of my personal favourites) he easily flits between old and new material with a smooth and assured hand.

We are treated to Days This Long and Nobody’s Home before he finishes with Death Seat’s Bobby (opening line, ‘He painted his house the colour of skin, so if the situation called for it he could blend in’).

The encore included Creature Of Habit from Born Bad, which delighted Dr Roddy and myself being an old favourite of ours. As I say the set was a brilliant mix of old and new…  Enough of the old material to go ‘yesssss’ in your own head when familiar bars start (Uncle Bill had me instinctively pumping my fist like a part brained cretin), while the new stuff seemed to have an instant reassurance of quality without sounding samey or derivative at all (a difficult trick to pull off and yes I have just used the word samey in a review…)

I should also mention a thank you to the lady who got WW another drink so he didn’t have to leave when the calls for the encore started.  Seemingly lacking a backstage area (?) meant there was no need for him to stand at the side of the stage in full view while the crowd called for more, which would have been ‘kinda embarrassing’ as he put it. Instead he could sup his freshly topped up drink and just carry on.

A fitting finale and with the audience fully sated Dr Roddy and myself managed to elbow our way through the throng to say hello and get the picture attached to this review (grinning like Cheshire cats as you can see). With the promise of a return accompanied by the full band in the Autumn, I have a feeling I may be visiting the capital again in a couple of months.

At Mad Mackerel’s scaly towers we’ve often pondered the question why WW hasn’t sold zillions of records, and I still have no answer. At least it means the next big thing with oodles of talent may avoid being called the ‘new/next Wooden Wand’ as I imagine Mr James Jackson Toth would hate that as much as us.

Download Wooden Wand – Winter In Kentucky mp3 (from Briarwood)

Download Wooden Wand – Big Mouth USA mp3 (from Briarwood)

Download Wooden Wand – Wither Away (demo version) mp3 (from Briarwood Deluxe Edition)

Download Wooden Wand – Bones For Doctor Swah mp3 (from Archives Vol 3)

Download Wooden Wand – Nails And Spikes mp3 (from Archives Vol 3)

Download Wooden Wand – I Wouldn’t Do That mp3 (from Born Bad)

Download Wooden Wand – Creature Of Habit mp3 (from Born Bad)

Download Wooden Wand – Uncle Bill mp3 (from Wither Thou Goest, Cretin?)

Download Wooden Wand – The Fly mp3 (from Wither Thou Goest, Cretin?)

Download Wooden Wand – Mary And Child mp3 (Born Against Cover, Aquarium Drunkard Session)

Download Wooden Wand – Fly Into The Mystery mp3 (Jonathan Richman Cover, Aquarium Drunkard Session)

Download Duke Garwood – Summer Gold mp3 (from Dreamboatsafari)

Download Duke Garwood – Jesus Got A Gun mp3 (from Dreamboatsafari)

Wooden Wand & Duke Garwood Record Store Day Exclusive.

Bringing together the dirty British blues of Duke Garwood and Wooden Wand’s Kentucky-laced country rock, Fire Records are releasing a special split 12″ for Record Store Day. As anyone who has read MM for any length of time will know, we are huge fans of Mr Wand, a genius songwriter and thoroughbred storyteller and we have featured the sparse, spooked our blues of Duke Garwood previously too – therefore this would be just about top of our list of the exclusives on offer come the 21st of April.

Each artist is responsible for one side of the disc, they have brought together a loose collection of tracks and a mutual respect for each other. Duke Garwood’s songs came out of a typically laid-back recording session with old reels and a nice big loop around a chair leg. Off to look for more tape, he also dug up a lost doom jazz classic original on a chewed up old reel, The Sand, The Return, and there it was. He will be on tour with Kurt Vile soon.

Wooden Wand’s contribution is a selection of five recent tracks, three of which feature a short-lived band out of Murfreesboro, TN called HP Witchcraft.

Listen to Wooley Blue by Wooden Wand and Some Kind Of Move by Duke Garwood.



Here is our regular round up of the best of January’s posts plus a couple of new tracks for your listening pleasure – all beautifully designed to make one perfect mixtape.

Download Wooden Wand – The DNR Waltz mp3

More classic down-tempo folk from greatly underrated MM fave.

Download Phosphorescent – Are You Ready For The Country? mp3

Riff-heavy, mean-assed cover which brilliantly captures the double-edged viciousness of Neil Young’s original.

Download Akron/Family – So It Goes mp3

A soulful psych-bounce over a groove both surly and sexy.

Download Secret Colours – Follow The Drone mp3

Texas-style psychedelia with a modern veneer.

Download The Veils – Bloom mp3

Nicely taut and hypnotic affair with an almost Wilco-esque bassline – it’s melodic, unpredictable and very, very good!

Download Kurt Vile – Jesus Fever mp3

Excellent appetiser from forthcoming album Smoke Ring For My Halo.

Download Pete & The Pirates – Winter 1 mp3 Removed by a modern day King Canute who doesn’t realise it has been given away free all over the internet. You cannot offer it free in one place and not expect it to turn up in another and what’s the difference? Get it loads of other places via the Hype Machine.

Welcome return from indie stalwarts offering a new direction and an echo of Donna Summer crossed with Can

Download Obits – You Gotta Lose mp3

More wonderfully sleazy, rockabilly rumble.

Download The Builders & The Butchers – Lullaby mp3

Another perfect example of their debauched country/folk stompathons.

Download Hurray For The Riff Raff – Too Much Of A Good Thing mp3

A hymn to channel the raw feelings and chronicle the lives of the fucked-up romantics of Hurray For The Riff Raff’s home by the Mississippi.

Download Howling Owls featuring Maximino – A Wordsmith’s Reverie mp3

An everyday tale of resignation and failed expectations Howling Owls style, this time it has an almost a waltz-time feel.

Josh Schroeder and Meredith Adelaide – So It Goes mp3

Promising mix of catchy folk and indie pop that has that little extra quality that means it insistently burrows its way in past all the flotsam and jetsam in your brain and lodges itself firmly in your head.

Download The Caulfield Sisters – Caterwauling mp3

Gorgeous pop disguised in a layer of sonic distortion.

Download The Mountain Goats – Damn These Vampires mp3

Typically literate horror inflected cowboy tale.

Download The Mind Spiders – Neurotic Gold mp3

Wonderfully uncluttered, joyous form of proto garage-rock that is simple, unaffected and damn catchy.

Download Jeff The Brotherhood – Bummer mp3

Calls to mind the Ramones jamming with the Sonics and having a blast.

Download Duke Garwood – Summer Gold mp3

Sparse, skeletal unsettling folk-blues.

Download The Skull Defekts – Fragrant Nimbus mp3

It’s minimal and powerful, it’s a bit raga, a bit drone, has some tribal chants, lots of repetition, it’s hypnotic, a bit trancey, some pyschedelia and seriously rhythmic!

Download Earth Girl Helen Brown – Hit After Hit mp3

Fictitious, nomadic, psychedelic soul singer, featuring a unique mix of country, girl group, R&B, and ghoulishness.

Download Alexander – Truth mp3

Mellow, sunshine feel good pop that is effortlessly easy on the ear.

Download James Vincent McMorrow – If I Had A Boat mp3

Five-part harmony echoing over the sounds of an organ and folk guitar in the eerie opener to debut album.

Download Duquette Johnston – Broke & Lonely Ones mp3

A fragile, acoustic ballad – Johnston tells stories of those on their way down and those who’ll never bounce back up, bar-room tales of what might have been and what should have been, and songs of hope and redemption.

In what has been the best month of music releases for a long time, we finish with the newly fresh and minted first advance track from indie folk heavyweights Fleet Foxes with the title track from forthcoming new album Helplessness Blues. By contrast we also have fresh-faced newcomers Veelee with their quirky, folkish take on art-rock, all angular repetition, drone pop and lovely harmonies that makes their EP The Future Sight a delight. And lastly we have the new EP from Derby, titled Madeline — an edgier collection of smoky, riff-heavy basement rock that still keeps some roots in their trademark infectious indie-pop as evidenced in the undeniably catchy toe-tapper Don’t Believe In You.

Download Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues mp3 (from Helplessness Blues)

Download Veelee – When You Gonna Come Home? mp3 (from The Future Sight EP)

Download Derby – Don’t Believe In You mp3 (from Madeline EP)

London bluesman, Duke Garwood is set to release Dreamboatsafari, his first release for Fire Records, tomorrow. We’ve already given you Jesus Got A Gun and now we have another offering of sparse folk-blues for you in the shape of the skeletal and unsettling Summer Gold.

Download Duke Garwood – Summer Gold mp3 (from Dreamboatsafari)

Download Duke Garwood – Jesus Got A Gun mp3 (from Dreamboatsafari)

Despite all the ‘best of’ lists, the top tens/twenties/fifties/one hundreds etc. and all the Christmas songs too, there has still been a cracking amount of new releases in December as well. So lest you missed out, here is our monthly round-up of the best tunes we’ve posted in December and, as always, a couple of new ones too.

That’s the New Year’s Eve mixtape sorted at least.

Download The Sweaters – Can’t Stop Winnin’ mp3

A syrupy, garage gem. It’s upbeat and has as much soul as it does jangle and is driven along by solid percussion every bit as muscular as you would hope.

Download Harlan Pepper – Great Lakes mp3

Slyly mischievous lyrics over a vintage country refrain – a song you could imagine still being sung on back porches in fifty years time.

Download Eulogies – You Hide mp3

Belying the tragic inspiration behind the new Eulogies album, this is a surprisingly positive track.

Download Wye Oak – Civilian mp3

Taster from folk duo’s forthcoming album is a gem.

Download Howling Owls – My Kinda Luck mp3

Picks away at the edges of domestic strife and family troubles, gleefully revealing a queasy, black-hearted underbelly.

Download The Babies – Run Me Over mp3

Rather charming, fuzzed up, doo-wop drenched opener that comes from their forthcoming debut album.

Download Yo Soybean – Anticipation mp3

Alternative folk that bounces with slide banjo and djembe delivering an impassioned stream of consciousness concerning the mundane intricacies of twenty-something year old existence in the twenty-first century.

Download Two Wounded Birds – Night Patrol mp3

Twangy menace behind a velveteen croon.

Download The Handsome Family – Drinking Beer On The Roof mp3

Classic black-humoured Americana from new album of covers, demos and outtakes.

Download The Range Rats – Colt 44 mp3

All Johnny Cash rumble and gun toting lyrics.

Download White Fence – Lillian (Won’t You Play Drums) mp3

More top notch lo-fi, retro indie pop.

Download The Mountain Goats – Tyler Lambert’s Grave mp3

Latest from the respected and influential lo-fi, indie do-it-yourselfers. A suitably prophetic tale.

Download Beach House – I Do Not Care For The Winter Sun mp3

Our most popular download of the month. More dreamy, reverb laden pop.

Download Julianna Barwick – The Magic Place mp3

Experimental and ethereal in equal measure.

Download Western States Motel – Country & Western Song mp3

A deceptively simple and straight forward tune that bounces along on a great rhythm and has quickly grown to be a firm favourite here at the Mackerel abode.

Download Jeremy Joyce – 18 Wheels mp3

A dark and groovy rocker with a great Hammond Organ solo.

Download Lisa Will Insult You, Darling – Give A Fuck mp3

A beautifully simple construction of the desolate and the downtrodden.

Download The Skeleton Dead – Gather Up Your Clothes mp3

It’s a lament, a regret. It’s both memorable and hypnotic.

Download Duke Garwood – Jesus Got A Gun mp3

An air of quiet menace, Garwood’s vocals whispering and murmuring over hollow knocks, piano and drones.

We also have a quite wonderful track from Sonny + The Sandwitches, it is from a recently released new four-song self-titled 7″ EP and features appearances by Heidi Alexander and Grace Cooper of the Sandwitches. The songs were inspired by a near-drowning, hence this track Throw My Ashes From This Pier When I Die. Superb.

We also have Religious To Damn who describe themselves as gypsy-psych and have an album Glass Prayer due for release in early 2011. This track Drifter has echoes of some of the classic 80s 4AD bands right through to Zola Jesus and Esben & The Witch.

Download Sonny + The Sandwitches – Throw My Ashes From This Pier When I Die mp3 (from Sonny + The Sandwitches EP)

Download Religious To Damn – Drifter mp3 (from Glass Prayer)

Master bluesmen are probably pretty thin on the ground in South London, but it is down there, amidst the grey arterial routes, Victorian terraces and leafy parks that Duke Garwood makes his home.

Garwood’s new album, Dreamboatsafari sees him expanding on the spacious, dusty room blues found on previous albums Emerald Palace and The Sand That Falls. The genesis of this LP came when Garwood was on tour with (Mrs Mackerel’s fave) Mark Lanegan and he had an inkling to release a “space cowboy record”, and this was realized at home recording sessions, with long-time collaborator Paul May on drums.

Dreamboatsafari is a record with many moods, Garwood’s picking and quiet vocal undertones act in a dialogue with an ever-expanding palette of sounds. Underlying all is an air of quiet menace, Garwood’s vocals whispering and murmuring over hollow knocks, piano and drones.

It offers a glimpse of what is yet to come. With a joint LP with Mark Lanegan also due next year, along with plans to work with the Master Musicians of Joujouka in Morrocco, Duke Garwood looks set for a deservedly fruitful 2011 – one things for sure, Dreamboatsafari is going to be a great start to the year.

Dreamboatsafari will be released on the wonderful Fire Records on the 25th January.

Visit his MySpace here.

Download Duke Garwood – Jesus Got A Gun mp3 (from Dreamboatsafari)