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  1. The Decemberists – Once In My Life
  2. The Black Lips & The Khan Family – Too Much In Love
  3. The Hold Steady – Eureka
  4. Flasher – Skim Milk
  5. Jess Williamson – I See The White
  6. Hinds – The Club
  7. Forth Wanderers – Nevermine
  8. Gang Of Four – Lucky
  9. Courtney Marie Andrews – I’ve Hurt Worse
  10. Half Waif – Torches
  11. Iron & Wine – Tomorrow On The Runway  (Innocence Mission cover)
  12. Neko Case – Hell-On















best of the weekHere they are, all rounded up in a nice neat package for you – eight new releases from the past week.

They include the return of punk blues band Boss Hog after sixteen years, and of desert blues aficionados Tiniariwen as well as new singles from IDLES, Our Girl, and Sundara Karma amongst others.


  1. Boss Hog – Wichita Grey
  2. IDLES – Well Done
  3. Esme Patterson – Not Feeling Any Pain  (William Elliott Whitmore cover)
  4. Our Girl – No Big Deal
  5. joyride! – Girls Who Wanna Realize Themselves
  6. Forth Wanderers – Nerves
  7. Tinariwen – Ténéré Tàqqàl
  8. Sundara Karma – Olympia










We posted Forth Wanderers’ excellent track Slop a couple of months ago. It was the title track from their new EP (due 11th November) and with its confident nods to influences like Mac DeMarco, Built to Spill and Liz Phair, it received a lot of love from around the blogosphere.

Now we have a second one for you with the bittersweet indie-pop of Know Better.

Have a listen and see why the buzz is justified.


Forth Wanderers are a teen based New Jersey band who have a new EP Slop, due out shortly.

The EP is an Alvvays / Pavement / Mac Demarco hybrid, and the title track is a definite keeper. Very impressive stuff.

Have a listen.