Mad Mackerel Recommends… Girl Skin

We posted a video from Girl Skin back in 2018, and made mention then of their fragile chamber folk, but now they have released Shade is on the other side, an album that is deservedly picking up much praise and is a beautifully sparse and intimate record. Over the course of eleven tracks the album dips and shuffles from yearning and melancholy to lighter shades … Continue reading Mad Mackerel Recommends… Girl Skin

End of Year Catch-Up (Part 1)

Having been very focused on our Best of Year tracks recently, we’ve built up a bit of a backlog of new tunes to share, so thought we’d spend a couple of posts catching up and try to slip them in before the end of 2018. First up, it has been nearly 13 years since his proper debut as Viking Moses, and Baltimore musician Brendon Massei … Continue reading End of Year Catch-Up (Part 1)

Video Round Up

Here is our latest collection of musical films for you. A regular pot pourri of musical styles from Girl Skin’s gorgeously fragile chamber folk to Sit Down’s oozing amalgam of doom metal and sludgy punk by way of The Cavemen’s amphetamine-fueled rhythms and scorching guitar, coupled with drunk and disorderly vocal tirades, and First Aid Kit’s ever perfect vocal harmonies. There is Steve Mason’s soulful new … Continue reading Video Round Up