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1. Thurston Moore – The Best Day
2. Hiss Golden Messenger – Mahogany Dread
3. Wampire – Wizard Staff
4. Twilight Sad – There’s A Girl In The Corner
5. Dinosaur Feathers – Zeitgeist
6. Terror Pigeon! – Girl!
7. Tyrannosaurus Dead – Local Bullies
8. King Tuff – Black Moon Spell











Hiss Golden Messenger To Release Lateness Of Strangers

The brilliant Hiss Golden Messenger (aka M.C. Taylor) will release Lateness of Dancers, his fifth studio album, on September 9 in the US and September 18 worldwide on Merge Records.

Known for expertly weaving Americana, psychedelia, blues and folk into sparse, yet gripping tales, the new record is set to be a more direct, more confident affair. The record takes its name from a Eudora Welty story and is a record about self-discovery and self-knowledge, and how impossible it is to outsmart yourself.

The first track to air from the record is the sublime Saturday’s Song.

Have a listen. Pre-order the album here.


Hiss Golden Messenger - Brother Do You Know The Road?

Hiss Golden Messenger have signed to Merge Records and released this new track, the blues inflected, call and response, six minute stunner Brother Do You Know The Road? It is yet another example of M.C. Taylor and collaborator Scott Hirsch’s incredible ability to create some of the most affecting and original Americana out there.

Immerse yourself in slide guitar, organ, shuffling percussion and resigned, world-weary vocals below.


Videos of the Day

Enjoy excellent videos from Hiss Golden Messenger, Mac DeMarco, Dana Falconberry and, changing pace somewhat, a sweltering post-punk anthem from Young Boys. Also check out a stream for a second track from Hiss Golden Messenger’s excellent release Haw.



(Click through to download for free)


New Album From Hiss Golden Messenger

We have long been admirers of the spooky, fractured, disconnected folk-blues of Hiss Golden Messenger.

Good to report then that there will be a new album, Haw, on April 1st. Consisting of eleven songs, all written by M.C. Taylor, who once lived hard by the ‘Haw’ with his wife Abigail and their son Elijah—”Well I come from the bottom of the river Haw“, he sings—but he doesn’t live there anymore. Having followed the slipstream to the relative bustle of nearby Durham, North Carolina, he has composed a new clutch of tunes that conjure the half-remembered dreams of peace promised by our pasts.

Haw has an intermingling cast of prophetic characters both sacred and profane: Daniel, Elijah, the Apostles, and the Son of Man, sure, but also the Peacock Fiddle Band, Mississippi John Hurt, and by implication, Lew Welch, Waylon Jennings, Michael Hurley, and our friend Jefferson Currie II.

This is another collection of fatalistic, eerie, smoky Southern blues – songs that crackle and pop with the embers of forgotten memories. Beautiful, mesmerising, and unique. Believe us, these are songs to be hoarded and treasured; to be listened to obsessively by spluttering candle light.

Mad Mackerel's Best of April 2012 - Free Mix. So we exit April, which true to form turned out to be wetter than a Mackerel’s handshake. No matter, banish the blues with this scorching mix of some of the best downloads we offered in the month, plus a few new ones to get to know and love too.

Download Alexander TuckerWindow Sill mp3 (from Third Mouth)
Minimalist string arrangements with electronic manipulations and drones to produce a doom chamber-pop song.

Download Amanda Jo WilliamsThe Bear Eats Me mp3 (from The Bear Eats Me)
Dusty jukebox rock that will wake the kids in the middle of the night for a boot-stomping, moon-invoking dance party on the back porch.

Download Kyle AdemBrother Follow mp3 (from Armour)
A tireless storyteller with a whole lot of questions who marries his own blend of orchestral and reflective folk, with a punk edginess.

Download Johnny Bertram & The Golden BicyclesMistake mp3 (from Neon City)
Robust, but still melodic indie rock with some folky undertones.

Download Dubious RangerThe New Eve mp3 (from Found Recordings From The Panda Valley Mining Company c.1931)
Sounding like a blend of Tom Waits and Beck, this is a peculiar brand of art-rock that defies definition.

Download Mathew Sawyer – Children In The City
One of the very best singer-songwriters around. Wonderfully skewed view of the world, obstinate refusal to conform, and exceptional wordplay.


Download The Flaming LipsGod Only Knows mp3 (from Pet Sounds Revisited)
Indie rock surrealists take on the Beach Boys.

Download Black CreekNot For The Faint Of Heart mp3 (from Not For The Faint Of Heart digital single)
Another muscular example of their ragged, raw take on Americana, a sound they describe as “riffs and revelations”.

Download Coke Weed – Jimmy
Chugs gently along, all woozy charm and gentle folky psychedelia behind which the occasional acerbic lyric hides in wait.


Download Hiss Golden MessengerJesus Shot Me In The Head mp3 (from Poor Moon)
Classic back-porch folk and country with echoes of gospel and blues, which is often accompanied by warm organic sound effects such as cicadas or the patter of rain.

Download Old BricksAnthem mp3 (from City Lights)
Earnest and pensive folk.

Download Wooden WandWither Away (demo version) mp3 (from Briarwood Deluxe Edition)
Gorgeous demo version of Briarwood album standout.

Download Diamond RugsCountry Mile mp3 (from Diamond Rugs)
Loose countrified rock from new indie ‘supergroup’.

Download Tiger HighDon’t Want To See You Till You Go mp3 (from Myth Is This)
Excellent garage-psych.

Download Damon Moon & The Whispering DriftersRestless Roads End mp3 (from Lungs, Dirt & Dreams)
Muscular Americana, a song that slowly stretches, flexes and simmers over five minutes while the band keep expertly keep a lid on the instrumentation and don’t allow it to escape its restraints completely.

Download MV & EEToo Far To See mp3 (from Space Homestead)
Off-kilter Americana. Plaintive, almost elegiac and builds up to some guitar histrionics than recall Neil Young in a most pleasing way.

Download The Fresh & OnlysDo What I Came To Do mp3 (from Stash Rituals)
High octane garage punk, thump and clatter.

Download The Plastic Pals – Leave It Til Tomorrow (from Leave it ‘Til Tomorrow Digital Single)
This is heroin disco chic in the style of the Velvet Underground and Berlin-era Bowie.


Download Young HinesCan’t Explode mp3 (from Give Me My Change)
Confrontational and trigger-happy punkish blues.

And no fewer than five new tracks to try out. We have the raw, early 70s punk vibe of The Dirty Fences, a brilliant track of chugging psych-rock from The Lead Stones (another discovery via Rollo & Grady), the uniquely catchy indie rock of The Wave Pictures, a visceral slab of slowed down garage rock from the Ty Segall Band and to finish a sweetly charming slice of Americana from Cowgill with its quiet, upbeat guitar and gorgeous violin.

Download The Dirty Fences – Sid mp3 (from Dirty Fences)

Download The Lead Stones – Heaven mp3 (from Heaven Digital Single)

Download The Wave Pictures –Stay Here And Take Care Of The Chickens mp3 (from Long Black Cars)

Download Ty Segall Band – Wave Goodbye mp3 (from Slaughterhouse)

Download Cowgill – Extra Gravity mp3 (from Side One Of Planted)

Mad Mackerel Recommends...Hiss Golden Messenger.

Hiss Golden Messenger is Durham, North Carolina-based songwriter M.C. Taylor, in partnership with multi-instrumentalist and recordist Scott Hirsch, who lives in Brooklyn, New York. The pair have been playing a sort of off-kilter mystical country music together for nearly two decades, although it was only with the re-release of the excellent From Country Hai East Cotton last year that we became properly aware of them.

They offer up classic back-porch folk and country with echoes of gospel and blues, which is often accompanied by warm organic sound effects such as cicadas or the patter of rain. The duo have certainly managed to craft and create their own unique and contemporary take on traditional Americana and roots music that is compelling and sometimes pleasantly unsettling.

Maintaining the confusion over release and re-release dates is ‘new’ album Poor Moon – officially and originally released last year, but being re-released tomorrow and hitherto unavailable on CD (we think).

Whatever the exact details of the release we do know Poor Moon features members of Black Twig Pickers, Brightblack Morning Light and D. Charles Speer & The Helix and is (we think) the fourth proper Hiss Golden Messenger release. It also serves as the best summation thus far of Taylor’s lone journeys through the dark night of the soul.

Order the album here.

Download Hiss Golden Messenger – Jesus Shot Me In The Head mp3 (from Poor Moon)