Isobel Campbell – Ant Life

After a wait of more than 13 years, the wonderful Isobel Campbell is back with details of a new solo album There Is No Other (out on January 31st). It seems she has been fighting legal battles since 2016 to get this record released – thank goodness she didn’t throw in the towel. The first single is the gorgeously gentle psychedelic folk of Ant Life. … Continue reading Isobel Campbell – Ant Life

Ten Songs You Should Have Heard This Week

A veritable plethora of tunes to pick through this week – tunes that, by rights, you should already have been spinning… 1. Lower Dens – To Die In L.A. 2. Isobel Campbell – How Deep Is Your Love (Bee Gees cover) 3. Akron/Family – Everyone Is Guilty 4. Los Angeles Police Department – Insecurity 5. Gal Pals – Here’s To The Gals 6. Rye Pines … Continue reading Ten Songs You Should Have Heard This Week

Videos of the Day: Catfish & The Bottlemen || Shovels & Rope || Brilliant Beast || Sweet Gum Tree || Dinosaur Bones

Plenty to enjoy today as our videos come from boisterous up and coming indie-rockers Catfish & The Bottlemen, the punked-up raw country of Shovels & Rope, and the fuzzed up psychedelia and krautrock from Brilliant Beast. We also have the refined, vintage pop of Sweet Gum Tree featuring MM fave Isobel Campbell, and lastly the dark pop and grandiose hooks of Dinosaur Bones. Fill yer boots. . . … Continue reading Videos of the Day: Catfish & The Bottlemen || Shovels & Rope || Brilliant Beast || Sweet Gum Tree || Dinosaur Bones

Mad Mackerel Rounds ‘Em Up

So we have 200+ songs marked for potential posting sat patiently waiting in our in-box, and a whole host more diligently collected from the nooks and crannies of the web. Time then for a round-up of some of the most deserving of your ears. Without further ado, lets set out our stall with Aussie troubadour Owls of the Swamp’s beautiful and sweetly sorrowful Happiness Is A Sad … Continue reading Mad Mackerel Rounds ‘Em Up

Mrs Mackerel’s TFI Friday (3rd August)

After another clumsy week in which thankfully no animals or children were hurt in the making of, I have managed to emerge unscathed physically, but sadly not so the bank balance… A lovely visit from nephew Harry is restorative and exhausting in equal measures. Exhausting managing four sprats, an over-affectionate hound, two cats (one that should be six feet under and not still crapping in … Continue reading Mrs Mackerel’s TFI Friday (3rd August)

Mad Mackerel’s Albums of the Year

So after much deliberation, head scratching, discussion, and more head scratching, we have MM’s favourite albums of 2010. And we choose our words very carefully here, because we would not presume them to be the best, only those that have given us the most pleasure and enjoyment, records that we have returned to again and again, and for whatever reason have captured a moment or … Continue reading Mad Mackerel’s Albums of the Year