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As we’re halfway through our tracks of the year (see 100-76 here, and 75-51 here) which resume on Monday, it felt like a good time to break things up with our choices of our favourite albums of 2015. Here then are numbers 30 through to 16.

30 Sarah Cracknell – Red Kite

sarah cracknell


29 Desaparecidos – Payola



28 Kodiak Deathbeds – Kodiak Deathbeds

kodiak deathbeds


27 Sufjan Stevens – Carrie & Lowell

sufjan stevens


26 Lord Huron – Strange Trails

lord huron


25 Father John Misty – I Love You, Honeybear

father john misty


24 Torres – Sprinter



23 Wavves – V



22 Woolen Men – Temporary Monument

Woolen Men


21 Laura Marling – Short Movie

Laura Marling


20 Tallest Man On Earth – Dark Bird Is Home

tallest man on earth


19 Samantha Crain – Under Branch & Thorn & Tree

samantha crain


18 Rats On Rafts – Tape Hiss

rats on rafts


17 Traams – Modern Dancing



16 Wilco – Star Wars



You can get our top fifteen album list tomorrow. For our favourite tracks of the year click here for numbers 100-76 and here for 75-51.


Time for the MM countdown of our favourite tracks of the year to begin. Over the next few days we’ll be revealing our top 100 tracks and top 30 albums of 2015, with contributions from Mrs Mackerel, Chris T Popper, Polly Pocket and Franca. We’ll also share their personal choices with you next week.

So without further ado, here are numbers 100 through to 76.

100 Ultimate Painting – Woken By Noises


99 Samantha Crain – Elk City


98 Diet Cig – Dinner Date


97 Cruising – Safe Corridor


96 Gold Class – Life As A Gun


95 Beach Slang – Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas


94 Arborist – Twisted Arrow


93 Kodiak Deathbeds – Borderline


92 Summer Twins – Demons


91 Together PANGEA – Blue Mirror


90 Tallest Man On Earth – Dark Bird Is Home


89 Wilco – Random Name Generator


88 James McMurtry – South Dakota


87 J Fernandez – Between The Channels


86 Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy & The Cairo Gang – I’ve Been A Long Time Leaving


85 Drenge – We Can Do What We Want


84 Spray Paint – Thrash Master


83 Bueno – Babyface


82 Slaves – Despair And Traffic


81 Ezra Furman – Ordinary Life


80 Table Scraps – Motorcycle (Straight To Hell)


79 Trance Farmers – Garbage Night


78 The Felice Brothers – Carriage


77 Wavves – My Head Hurts


76 Titus Andronicus – Into The Void (Filler)


Check back tomorrow for numbers 75 – 51.

Mad Mackerel 5:1 Young Knives

The Cave Singers and Lightning Dust have been two mainstays of Mad Mackerel over the years, so when we discovered that Cavies guitarist Derek Fudesco and the Dusties vocalist Amber Webber had combined as Kodiak Deathbeds we were more than just excited.

Their self-titled debut album is an absolute gem of acoustic, fingerpicked folk and hauntingly beautiful vocals. It is available from Bandcamp here, and obviously we are more than made up that they have taken part in our sporadic 5:1 interview series.

Five words to describe your music:

EPSON scanner image

EPSON scanner image

One book you’d recommend to an alien:
Post Office

Five bands (or albums) that have most influenced you?
Fleetwood Mac – Rumours
The Misfits – Evil Live
The Replacements – Let it Be
The Velvet Underground – Velvet Underground & Nico
Born Against – 9 Patriotic Hymns for Children

One moment in time you’d like to have witnessed:

Five people (living or dead) you’d love to share a stage-jam with:
Otis Redding
Lou Reed
Fiona Apple
Ibrahim Ag Alhabib
Ringo Starr

One biggest regret in your career (to date):
Not answered

Five things on your perfect rider:
Not answered

One hour to live – who would you spend it with, and why?
Dark question. I’d spend it with the love of my life. Maybe try and get a nice meal before I go.Mad Mackerel Recommends Kodiak Deathbeds

Five Perfect Songs:
Otis Redding- Nobody’s Fault but Mine
Betty Harris- Trouble With My Lover
Betty Lavett- You’ll Never Change
Charles Sheffield- It’s Your Voodoo Working
Alvin Robinson- Something You Got

One song of yours that you’d most like to be played in 50 years time:
I’d be happy if any of them were played in 50 years.

Our very grateful thanks to Kodiak Deathbeds for taking the time to answer the MM questions.

You can check out some of our other 5:1 Interviews in the side bar too.




Mad Mackerel Recommends Kodiak Deathbeds

It is probably fair to say that The Cave Singers, Black Mountain and Lightning Dust are all bands that would feature prominently in an all time MM Best of list, and all have given us some of our favourite live shows that we’ve ever seen.

So it is a joy to discover Kodiak Deathbeds, not as one might guess a punk or hardcore industrial noise merchants, but a new project of quite exquisite fingerpicked folk from the Cave Singers’ Derek Fudesco and Black Mountain and Lightning Dust’s Amber Webber.

Their self-titled album is available on Bandcamp and is an absolute gem from first note to the last. Listen to a couple of tracks below – the achingly beautiful Wild Hearts and the gently hypnotic Borderline.

Highly recommended.