Introducing…Sleeping Bag

Introducing Sleeping BagThe music of Sleeping Bag is an addictive amalgamation of simple melodies, deadpan delivery, jaunts of balls-out rocking, and minimalist tact. These are songs that, for as streamlined and basic as they seem, gain value with each repeated listen. Simplicity is their asset, and they use it well.

Nostalgia might be at work here, but the songs can’t be pigeonholed as throwback. They really sink in around the third or fourth spin, and it’s easy to get there. Want proof – take a listen to lead single Slime.

The band’s self titled debut album is released August 9th on the wonderfully oddball, but ever reliable Joyful Noise – you can grab a version on CD, blue vinyl, black vinyl, and sleeping bag. Yes, they are releasing the album in the format of a sleeping bag – screen-printed by the band, and packaged with a digital download code.

More information and pre-order options from the label here.

Download Sleeping Bag – Slime mp3 (from Sleeping Bag)

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