MM Shorts 450: More From La Vega

We’ve already given you a couple of tunes from summer loving La Vega’s debut album of shimmering harmonies, reverb-drenched surf-rock riffs and lo-fi swagger, but as the last of the sunny weather drifts away for good, it seemed opportune to bid it farewell with a couple more from Wave. Buy the album here. Continue reading MM Shorts 450: More From La Vega

New Tunes On Monday

A new week, some new tunes to soften the blow. We have a taste (if that’s the right word) from Diarrhea Planet’s new album I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams in the shape of the sleazy, roiling Babyhead. By way of contrast we have Frankie Rose’s new track Sorrow from her scheduled new long player Herein Wild, a deceptively simple and sweetly melancholic pop track … Continue reading New Tunes On Monday