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Introducing >>> Les Sages

Posted: March 3, 2013 in Acoustic, Americana, Folk, Music

Introducing >>> Les Sages

Seven siblings, seven voices, seven songs. That’s Blood Harmony the new release from Les Sages in a nutshell.

The band consists of seven (of nine) immediate siblings including original members Kris Larson, Peter Larson, Andrew Larson and Joe Larson plus Clara Larson, Annie Larson Adolphson and John Larson. The Larson clan was born in Alberta, Canada and at a very young age entered into their existence as nomads (see lyrics for Nomades) residing in over a dozen cities both domestically and overseas before settling in Utah.

The album includes new track Mexique plus acoustic-harmony versions of six songs (retitled in French) that originally appeared on the band’s critically-acclaimed Deep Elm debut Share This.

Listen below. Order here.