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Mrs Mackerel's TFI Friday (11th January)

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu … you know the rest. I’m off to skip over the mountains, Swiss Outpost, but I do promise to Skype…

Anyway (surely one of my favourite refrains?), it’s a New Year and time for me to bid goodbye to TFI and my Friday night soubriquet. With a few gig dates already booked for the months ahead, I may get the opportunity to reprise the Mrs Mackerel mantel at some later date, who knows.  Anyway parking the sadness of the last few weeks temporarily to one side, and wishing to leave TFI on a typically frothy and fatuous note, I wracked my brains to a few weeks back when I did indeed feel like the heady combination of a cappuccino with a copy of Hello!, and recalled a rather silly exchange at a Christmas party.

Having swum in fashionably late, as is my want, I was sober and drink-wise, considerably far behind many of the gathering. Hey ho, not to worry I thought, as I sidled out with the smokers to catch up with the High Priestess herself. It was quite a posse actually and predominately female, but one male voice piped up: “So then girls (a term always appreciated with my advancing years), what do you find attractive in a man?” The words “lamb” and “slaughter” sprang to mind… HP and I could barely conceal our amusement and commenced thus.

Firstly, “Bob” a sense of humour is a must, we said. Laughing. Next, I added: nice arms – there is nothing attractive about a man I feel I could arm wrestle and BEAT! Bit of giggling. Also, Bob, good dentistry is a must; typically English stained, crooked teeth are a massive turn-off. Bob stops smiling. And dress sense, we said, smiling sweetly, looking him up and down, or should we put height next? Six foot plus… actually why don’t you ask your wife, because she’s stood just behind you and I can see her over the top of your head. How we laughed and then ran away, as all good girls do. Tut, tut.

So one final thought: sometimes music really does reach the parts of you that you thought you had tucked away in some emotional backwater, deep inside. I listened to a song this week that’s due for release on an album in March. I think it’s truly remarkable: a soaring, poetic allegory set to music that circles and soars. And the effect? I cried for every single sadness in the last 12 months; that was some volume of tears, I must say. But in a world where so many over-share and document the minutiae of life, this is mine, and I’m not sharing; if your soul speaks in the same musical tongues as mine, you’ll find it all the same, somehow, somewhere, some time.

In-keeping with the Sound of Music theme, I thought I should depart with a few of my favourite bands, obviously of which there are too many to mention (darling) but here’s a selection. Thanks for reading – all four of you.

Fishy kisses,

Mrs Mackerel x


Download Hurray For The Riff Raff – Too Much Of A Good Thing mp3 (from Hurray For The Riff Raff)

Download The Low Anthem – This God Damn House mp3 (from What The Crow Brings)

Download Johnny Cash – Sunday Morning Coming Down (from Greatest Hits)

Mrs Mackerel's TFI Friday (22nd July). After a brief absence last week, of which a lot was lost to a rather brilliant book I was enjoying (Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter); some of it was lost travelling from A to B to C to… Z; some of it to failing technology, and some of it to failing memory.

Gained a little perspective on some matters and caught sight of a little light at the end of the tunnel. School’s out for summer and hopefully it will stop raining for more than a few hours and let us get on with enjoying ourselves. It helps that we’re Truck bound this weekend, to the small but beautifully formed music festival in South Oxfordshire. Can’t wait – should help to shift the rather black mood that developed towards the end of this week.

Some people communicate worse than shite, it has to be said. There are more than a few ways to skin a cat word-wise, so why not offer criticism constructively or even, shock horror, consistently? I really must remain this obtuse for fear of worsening the situation, however, this week’s musical choice sings volumes.

After ranting at MM for a considerable length of time about this particular person’s shortcomings (intellectual/literary/personality-wise/height etc.), warming to my subject after a gin or two, he has of course offered his measured fishy advice. But I find it so much harder when there’s a sprat involved, as I’m sure you’d agree. And I’m also sure that in a previous life, I was a knife-wielding red head with a heaving bosom to match my temper. Still we may yet settle for the “you hold him while I kick” mode of retribution, til then I’ll stay the right side of the law and offer him the proverbial finger in the best (musical) way I know how. Wanker.

Pass me the lime.

Mrs Mackerel  X

Download Frightened Rabbit – Be Less Rude mp3 (Daytrotter Session)

Download Martin Stephenson & The Daintees – Slaughterman mp3 (from Gladstone, Humour And Blue)

It’s just as well my brother’s an absolute diamond. Sisters – apparently, we share the same gene pool! I find that utterly amazing. That aside, I’ve decided that all this and that which has gone past for the last two or three years, is just life lessons, condensed.

Interesting week, nevertheless. A trip to Oxford with long-tall-Jenny to see the wonderful Sea of Bees and another to watch Biutiful, Javier Bardem’s latest film. It was the best film I’ve seen in a long time. Go see both.

Next week, I’ll be warming up for a piece for Scottish Kate’s blog around memorable lyrics. Right up my street.

So here’s one of the things that I do when I need a lift, I play a CD by Martin Stephenson and the Daintees entitled Western Eagle. I saw Martin live almost two years ago at another particularly poignant time. His guitar playing is “awesome”, as the sprats would say. There’s a song on this album entitled Right By You and it’s our song, Mama Mackerel and her sprats. We sing the chorus loud and with meaning, often in the car.

A life without love is one without meaning. You know what I mean?

Enjoy the weekend.

Mrs Mackerel

I have to say, on a Friday, if TFI isn’t written by lunch then it’s early evening, glass of red in hand. And MM’s refrain is frequently, you can’t post that it’ll get taken down. To which I usually reply, bloody hell, why?

I’ve posted him before, and I dare say I’ll do it again. So, fingers crossed, here goes. Martin Stephenson is a good soul and, I think, an old soul. His music is deep in me marra’. Download Right By You by the wonderful Martin Stephenson and the Daintees.

Download Martin Stephenson & The Daintees – Right by You mp3 (from Western Eagle)