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One of the advantages of having a blog like this is being able to make up the rules as you go along, and today that means giving the limelight to our youngest Joe, who reaches the ripe old age of seven today. Now, we are all guilty of bias and of nepotism at times (and this is one of them), but I think you’d be hard pressed to find another seven year old with music tastes as good as his. From age five he chose to go to sleep to the soothing strains of Mclusky loudly singing along, “My dad’s better than your dad” and playing air guitar, and we know with each mix CD we put in the car that he will soon be making selections from the back, “can we have number three then number seven” before creating his own mix CDs for his room.

He has a brilliant ear for a riff, a rhythm and a melody, and picks out lyrics with the best of them. Best of all his choices are all his own – independently reached and determinedly defended.

And for those that are interested, his current ‘hot picks’ are the outstanding Honda Civic from the new Felice Brothers album and the gentle acoustics of Wire from Alessi’s Ark’s Time Travel album.

So, here we have twelve personally hand picked tracks from the coolest seven year old we know. From rockabilly twang to visceral punk to woozy pop and protest folk, he loves it all. And we love him. Way to go Joe!

Download The Magnetic Fields – Drive On Driver mp3 (from Distortion)

Download The Range Rats – Colt 44 mp3

Download Port O’Brien – My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes To Bitburg) mp3 (Ramones cover)

Download Joe Pug – Hymn 35 mp3 (from Nation of Heat EP)

Download The Sheepdogs – I Don’t Know mp3 (from Learn & Burn)

Download Mumford & Sons – Unfinished Business mp3 (White Lies cover)

Download Grass House – A Cockroach mp3 (from Plough More Sky EP)

Download Jones Street Station – The Understanding mp3

Download Mclusky – To Hell With Good Intentions mp3 (from Mclusky Do Dallas)

Download Pancake Breakfast – The Ballad Of Maynard Noe mp3 (from Pancake Breakfast)

Download Katherine Hepburn’s Voice – Out Like This mp3 (from Unlimited Nights & Weekends EP)

Download The Felice Brothers – Run Chicken Run mp3 (from Yonder Is The Clock)

Time on me is wasted time. Ah yes: the Kings of Leon.  And if we posted that then we would be in trouble, now that the Followill tribe are big in Japan.  And other places, of course.

The older I get, the more disappointing I find people – in general.  (Obviously there are always a few notable exceptions – yes, you know who you are).  So it’s been a week of disappointments really.  People who should know better; people who like to play games; people who forget the old adage of treat other as how you would like to be treated.  Anybody would think we were in the middle of an election.

Not April showers this month, just sunshine.  But the skies have clouded over and it’s raining blossom.  Hello May.  Been feeling a bit scaly this week, so let’s move into the long weekend and try and shake the gloom. Better ask MM to top up my glass.  Skol.

Welcome in the weekend with some vintage, venomous Mclusky and their “keeping up with the Joneses” classic To Hell With Good Intentions, and for anyone else feeling scaly, here is MM’s favourite live band of all time The Cropdusters and a barnstorming Alligator Come Across.

Have a good weekend.

Download Mclusky – To Hell With Good Intentions mp3 (from Mclusky Do Dallas)

Download The Cropdusters – Alligator Come Across mp3 (from If The Sober Go To Heaven)

Download The Cropdusters from eMusic here, or Mclusky here.