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Mad Mackerel's Best of April 2013

Better late than never, here is our monthly round-up of the best of our April downloads together with a handful of brand new tracks. More than twenty songs especially prepared for you to put together an eclectic and appealing mix to impress all your friends and bore your boring work colleagues.


Wild Wild Wets – Criminal Blue
Tripped out, freaked out, psych pop.


Hey Anna – Tiny Kiss
Intimate vocal harmonies perched atop poppy folkish melodies that meet soaring, atmospheric alt-rock.


The Lost Souls Club – Son, You Look Like You Need Jesus
Taking its cue from the darker end of the psych-blues spectrum, this track gleefully careers off the road into the verge, happily making a home in the margins of mainstream rock’n’roll and spitting sly malevolence at anyone who comes too close.


Owls Of The Swamp – Hypnotist
A masterpiece of elegiac fingerpicked folk, softly spun melody, and ghostly backing vocals.


Young Hunting – Baby’s First Steps
Lush, woozy and seductive evoking a sense of back porch bonhomie and marijuana enhanced well being.


Belle Mare – The Boat Of The Fragile Mind
Dreamspace of acoustic and synth textures, weaving folk with dream pop.


Sunjacket – Alligator
Indie rock with a laconic, hazy chug and sweet falsetto chorus.


Download Brass Bed – Please Don’t Go mp3 (from The Secret Will Keep You)
Three minutes of infectious indie-rock perfection with a soupçon of garage rock attitude.


Amanda Jo Williams – 2000Hell
Idiosyncratic mix of twangy rockabilly and weird Americana


The Baptist Generals – Broken Glass
Haunted, claustrophobic take on drunken folk.

Click through for free download.


Torches – When You Gonna?
Opens with a tasty riff and settles into a nice, easy-going melodic groove that calls to mind The Shins or Spoon.


Georgia’s Horse – Ginger
Dusty Americana shot through with a melancholy and sadness that is almost real enough to touch.


Paperhaus – Helicopters
Perfectly judged psych-pop.


Shawn Mrazek Lives! – Man In The Grass
A tale of self-discovery and freedom that snaps, snarls and sparkles in equal measure.


Download Shannon and the Clams – Into a Dream mp3 (from Dreams in the Rat House)
Slow-dance-ready instrumental with darkly bucolic lyrics.


The Builders & The Butchers – Dirt In The Ground
Sonically heavier perhaps, but just as distinctive dark-hearted folk as always. Wonderful.


And new tracks to dive into from Morningbell’s experimental psych-tinged art rock to Honeymilk’s infectious indie, and two tracks of gorgeous stripped back folk from Dark For Dark. Finally, try the simplicity and honesty from Young Readers indie-folk, shot through with a dreamy, imaginary quality that (whisper it) calls to mind Sparklehorse or Jason Molina.

New Record From Morningbell

As we’re currently away for a bit, posts will be a bit shorter than usual for the next few days, but we wanted to get this new track up from Morningbell for your listening pleasure.

It comes from forthcoming album Boa Noite and it’s coming out on the 21st May. It was described quite appropriately to us as “This is the fourth record I’ve been involved with and every record they do is twice as adventurous as the last. And their first record was more adventurous than most…

One of those rare bands that genuinely work and create solely on their own terms – exploring, experimenting, and adventuring into new musical territory for the sheer joy of it. It may not be the commercial success it deserves to be, or receive the hipster buzz other lesser artists seem to generate whatever they do, but it will reward you more than most new records you listen to and that at the end of the day is more than good enough for us.

This is We Have Eyes As Well As Ears.

Friday...Let's Mix It Up. We’re trying to juggle a few plates at the moment, so can’t do full justice to these tunes other than to say all are worth some of your time.

The obvious answer was a straightforward Friday afternoon mix.

After all there is absolutely no point in starting anything new in the office now, so download this mix, stick a complicated spreadsheet up on your screen and stare intently at it while giving these a blast on the earmuffs.

Download The Cribs – Chi-Town mp3 (from Chi-Town)

Download Sun Kil-Moon – Sunshine In Chicago mp3 (from Among The Leaves)

Download Violens – Unfolding Black Wings mp3 (from True)

Download Morningbell – You Think I Don’t Know But I Know mp3 (from Basso Profundo)

Download The Crocodiles – Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9) mp3 (from Endless Flowers)

Download Pond – Mystery mp3 (from Beard, Wives, Denim)

Download No Ceremony – Heartbreaker mp3 (from NOC///4)

Download The Wrinkle Neck Mules – Leaving Chattanooga mp3 (from Apprentice To Ghosts)

Download The Mallard – Vines mp3 (from Yes On Blood)

Download Pyyramids – Don’t Go mp3 (from Human Beings EP)

Download Electric Flower – Eclipsed mp3 (from EP II)

Download Bear & Moose – Poor Man’s Blues mp3 (from Moose)

Download Stars In Coma – Paint My Picture On The Thick Shell mp3 (from Midnight Puzzle)

As usual, here is our round-up of some of the best songs we’ve posted during April plus a couple of new ones. Thirty great songs all ready to go on one cracking playlist and impress your family and friends.

Without further ado…

Shabby Rogue – My Life As A Secret Agent mp3 (High octane, paranoia induced rock ‘n’ roll riffage)

Kurt Vile – Invisibility Nonexistent mp3 (Ramshackle bluesy psychedelia)

Woodpigeon – Empty-Hall-Sing-Along mp3 (Folk foot-stomper from outstanding new album)

Red Clay River – Rattlesnake Mountain mp3 (Sparse, shadowy, southern Gothic folk)

Sparrow & The Workshop – Devil Song mp3 (Morricone inspired galloping, cowboy blues)

Band Of Horses – Compliments mp3 (First track from much anticipated new album – signs are good)

Local Natives – World News mp3 ((Yet another) catchy, harmony filled gem from the wonderful Gorilla Manor album)

The Ooks Of Hazzard – Kids mp3 (Cover of the year so far? MGMT given a ukulele led, rough country makeover)

Phosphorescent – Mermaid Parade mp3 (Classic Phosphorescent. Classic modern country)

Jason Ward – Bless You mp3 (Lyrically brilliant folk ditty reminiscent of Blitzen Trapper)

Avi Buffalo – What’s In It For mp3 (New Sub-Pop darlings show what the fuss is about)

Johnny Bertram & The Golden Bicycles – At The Wake mp3 (Perfect blend of Americana and indie rock)

The National – Afraid Of Everyone mp3 (Standout centrepiece from brilliant new album)

Peggy Sue – Watchman mp3 (Folk duo spit lyrical venom)

Chapel Club – O Maybe I mp3 (Top notch, classic British indie rock from much tipped newcomers)

Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs – Forget It mp3 (Perfect backwoods porch Americana)

The War Crimes – Enamour Me And Roll mp3 (Sinister, unsettling and lyrically brilliant)

Meursault – Crank Resolutions mp3 (Scottish miserablist folksters deliver in spades)

Howling Owls – Family Tree mp3 (Another insistently compelling, down-tempo and black-hearted folk tale)

Grass House – A Cockroach mp3 (Unsettling excursion on a dark, sonically captivating journey)

Emily Reo – Witch Mtn mp3 (Experimental, ethereal, excellent)

Alessi’s Ark – Shovelling mp3 (Fragile and spooky folk)

Wind Up Birds – There Won’t Always Be An England mp3 (Particularly English tale of bigotry – topical enough!)

Tallest Man On Earth – Burden Of Tomorrow mp3 (Another gem from rasping folk troubadour. Dylan comparisons obligatory)

Unnatural Helpers – Sunshine / Pretty Girls mp3 (Snotty, brash homage to classic punk with added bonus of chorus of the month)

Morningbell – Hello Dali mp3 (Melodic, shimmering psych rock from Florida)

Colours – Desert Dessert mp3 (Three minutes of buzzsaw guitars and a shout along chorus. Awarded instant classic status)

Brother Dege – The Girl Who Wept Stones mp3 (Authentic stomping swamp blues. Like Seasick Steve’s nastier brother)

And lastly here are a couple of new ones

Memoryhouse – Gian Lorenzo Bernini mp3 (More gorgeous, chilled out, dream to immerse yourself in)

Delaney Davidson – Dirty Dozen mp3 (Classic voodoo rockabilly and filthy, x rated lyrics. What’s not to like?)

New track from Morningbell

Posted: April 15, 2010 in Music

In support of their forthcoming US tour, melodic psychedelic rockers Morningbell have released a new track from 2009’s excellent Sincerely Severely album.

The album is the band’s best, most mature work yet.  The breadth of influences, lyrically and musically, is vast.  From Haitian proverbs (Dancing in the Jaws of a Lion) to the Book of Revelation (Soul Ma’am) to abstract art (Hello, Dali) to American spirituals (Stay in the Garden), from Mayfield and Waits to Paul Simon, Al Green, Isaac Hayes and more – Morningbell covers more ground in one album than many bands do in a career.

Visit their MySpace here.

Take a listen to Hello, Dali below and see if we’re not right.

Download Morningbell – Hello, Dali mp3 (from Sincerely, Severely)