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  1. First Aid Kit – Ruins
  2. Courtney Marie Andrews – May Your Kindness Remain
  3. Suuns – Watch You, Watch Me
  4. Alela Diane – Ether & Wood
  5. Nap Eyes – I’m Bad Now
  6. Prism Tats – Daggers
  7. Public Access T.V. – Lost In The Game
  8. U.S. Girls – Pearly Gates
  9. Sunflower Bean – Crisis Fest
  10. Rik & The Pigs – America
  11. Frankie Cosmos – Jesse
  12. Kal Marks – Today I Walked Down To The Tree, Read A Book, And When I Was Done I Went Back Inside
  13. Shitkid – Yooouuu
  14. H.C. McEntire – Quartz In The Valley
  15. Van William – Cosmic Sign

















great escape

A final day building up the step count trudging between venues. This time choosing to start at a free all day gig at Bleach which was not an official GE event, and was nearly 3,000 steps away, but worth it all the same for Nots and Nap Eyes.

The former, a blistering all-female foursome from Tennessee, peeled what paint was left from the walls and the latter playing downstairs in the main bar offered some delightful slacker-indie pop with appropriately obtuse and literate lyrics. Both in their own way thoroughly entertaining.

After a break, I was back later for a set of spaced out, ambient tinged krautrock from Ulrika Spacek before Traams stormed the stage with their belligerent, brooding post-punk. A stunning Succulent Thunder Anthem appeared early in the set whilst closer Klaus was as good as anything we’ve heard live for a long, long time.

I hopped over the road (negligible steps) to The Joker to see a charming if somewhat inoffensively bland set of mild folk rock from Leif Erikson before retracing those 3,000 steps back to the seafront to squeeze in for the blazing, full on psychedelia of The Cult Of Dom Keller.

Ears suitably ringing, I did the last 1,000 steps or so back to the hotel and the end of three pretty fine days at the Great Escape.







MM Shorts 792: Nap Eyes

Posted: November 17, 2015 in Alternative, Indie, Music, Post Punk, Rock

With sonic touchstones like The Go-Betweens (particularly Robert Forster’s melancholic bite), The Only Ones, Lou Reed, Nikki Sudden, and Bedhead, Canada’s Nap Eyes will release their new album, Thought Rock Fish Scale, on the 5th February via Paradise of Bachelors.

The first taste comes via the taut opening track, Mixer, which uses the space between ringing chords to deconstruct a party episode into an analytical out-of-body experience, charting a path from the mall to “my Jesus” to a local judge’s recriminations.

Give it a spin here.


MM Shorts 525: Nap Eyes

Posted: February 25, 2014 in Indie, Music, Rock

MM Shorts 525: Nap Eyes

After two years, two EPs, and countless demos, Halifax, Nova Scotia’s Nap Eyes are releasing their first LP on Plastic Factory Records titled Whine of the Mystic.

Lead track No Man Needs To Care is an unadulterated gem of jaunty, infectious indie rock that overcomes any reservations through sheer force of will. It just might be the most refreshingly straightforward record we’ve heard for a good while, and we like it all the more for that.

Download it below. Whine of the Mystic is available on 25th March.

[Click through for free download]