MM Shorts 730: Ohioan

Ohioan have featured sporadically on MM over the years, their brand of desert baked experimental Americana sitting somewhere between Giant Sand, Tinariwen and the expansive grandeur of Other Lives. They will release a new album titled EMPTY / EVERY MT in early 2016 and you can stream / download the epic almost-seven minutes of Pissing At Will, the first taste (if that’s the appropriate expression) from it… Continue reading MM Shorts 730: Ohioan

New From Ohioan

The sweeping grandeur of Ryne Warner’s Ohioan are back with a new split EP with fellow desert nomads Young Hunter that can be purchased from Bandcamp. It will also see a release on cassette in a limited edition run of 200. You can listen to all four tracks of atmospheric psych-infused weird Americana below, or just check out the wonderfully titled Dogshit In Plastic Bags from it, … Continue reading New From Ohioan

Ohioan Return

Our pal Ryne from expansive and experimental folkies Ohioan dropped us a line to say he was sending over a teaser track from their forthcoming American Spirit Blues record in the shape of Still Reeling. Not only that, but he has also provided us with the first listen of a new version of an old Ohioan song, I Know I Am Home, which he tells us “may or may … Continue reading Ohioan Return

Mad Mackerel’s Best Of The Month: December 2011

Here is our final monthly Best Of mix of songs from 2011 – despite all the Christmas fayre on offer, there were still a whole plethora of cracking new tracks to enjoy, and as always we’ve gathered the best of our December posts into one lovely mix for you with a couple of new tracks to sample too. Don’t forget to check out all our … Continue reading Mad Mackerel’s Best Of The Month: December 2011


MAD MACKEREL’S TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS For our first ever Festive Feature on Mad Mackerel, we asked twelve of our favourite bands and artists of 2011 to answer twelve questions and we will publish them over the next twelve days taking us up to Christmas Eve. With the release this year of Balls Deep In Babylon, Ohioan delivered a dark, intense atmospheric album that drew on … Continue reading (FESTIVE FEATURE) THE 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS No 6: OHIOAN

Ohioan – Balls Deep In Babylon

We have posted about Ryne Warner’s band Ohioan a couple of times in the lifetime of Mad Mackerel and so it was good news indeed to receive an e-mail from him with news of an album provocatively titled Balls Deep In Babylon. Having listened to it a few times, it is one of those records that slowly but surely grips you and then begins to … Continue reading Ohioan – Balls Deep In Babylon

Ohioan Are Back

A good while ago, while we were still on Google’s crappy Blogspot, and before we were unfairly, ridiculously and arbitrarily removed (not that we’re bitter you understand) we introduced Ohioan, a band whose blend of country and folk music evoked the wide, sweeping vistas of their homeland and whose songs spoke with a quite grandeur and majesty. Now they are back after too long a … Continue reading Ohioan Are Back