One Thousand Posts – A Celebratory Mix!

We moved MM to WordPress in April 2010, after being one of the many blogs to get screwed by Google Blogspot. We noticed that this is our one thousandth post since that time and so we have marked the occasion (for such that it is for us) with an appropriately themed mix for your enjoyment. So, from the classic sound of Tenpole Tudor’s new wave … Continue reading One Thousand Posts – A Celebratory Mix!

Introducing…Pariah Beat

Take a boatload of eclectic instruments, big sing-a-long choruses and multi vocalists who can nail their harmonies, throw in songs that have more hooks than your grand daddy’s tackle box, and you get Pariah Beat’s sophomore effort, Bury Me Not. Like a dirt-encrusted buzzsaw from the past, moving forward with the weight of a freight train behind it, Bury Me Not injects youthful vigour into … Continue reading Introducing…Pariah Beat