The Top 200 – Mad Mackerel’s favourite songs of the last ten years (Part 10)

Countdown continues. Here are songs 60 – 51 in our favourite tunes of the past ten years. 60 Bon Iver – Bloodbank (2009) Atmospheric, cabin-folk propelled by a woodsy, acoustic strum and cooly whispered vocals.   59 Jones Street Station – The Understanding (2012)   Like if the Beach Boys had played folk music – a wonderful sense of melody and intricate rhythms played with … Continue reading The Top 200 – Mad Mackerel’s favourite songs of the last ten years (Part 10)

Joe’s Birthday Mix

One of the advantages of having a blog like this is being able to make up the rules as you go along, and today that means giving the limelight to our youngest Joe, who reaches the ripe old age of seven today. Now, we are all guilty of bias and of nepotism at times (and this is one of them), but I think you’d be … Continue reading Joe’s Birthday Mix

MM’s Best of the Month: December

Despite all the ‘best of’ lists, the top tens/twenties/fifties/one hundreds etc. and all the Christmas songs too, there has still been a cracking amount of new releases in December as well. So lest you missed out, here is our monthly round-up of the best tunes we’ve posted in December and, as always, a couple of new ones too. That’s the New Year’s Eve mixtape sorted … Continue reading MM’s Best of the Month: December

Introducing…The Range Rats

We got this track, Colt 44 by The Range Rats, via Rollo & Grady, and were instantly taken with its Johnny Cash rumble and gun toting lyrics. We’ve not been able to find out much about them. Their MySpace page says they’ve been around since 2006 and hail from Oregon and apparently last released an album in 1985…Other than that…who knows. We like the song … Continue reading Introducing…The Range Rats