More From Russian Baths

We recently shared Russian Baths’ excellent What’s Your Basement, a marvellously queasy slab of noise rock, and now we have the follow-up for your listening pleasure. Poolhouse is a slightly more restrained affair, with a woozily elegant yet sweetly off-kilter middle bookended by rushes of swelling, noisy guitars and thunderous percussion. Good stuff. Dive in here.   Continue reading More From Russian Baths

New From Russian Baths

We shared Brooklyn-based noise-rockers Russian Baths single Ambulance way back in March 2016, and now we are sharing What’s Your Basement, which is the second single off of their forthcoming, debut EP, Penance. It is a two minute blast of brilliantly queasy, discordant guitars and crushing percussion that has more than a taste of vintage Sonic Youth about it. Liking this… a lot.   Continue reading New From Russian Baths