MM Shorts 758: Tijuana Bibles

Tijuana Bibles mix grunge-based riffs, groove laden rhythms and heavy traces of swampy Louisiana blues. They sit somewhere between Black Sabbath and the Black Keys… We posted a free download of their fierce track Toledo last year and now they are back with a new single Ghost Dance taken from forthcoming EP, Ghost / Dance / Movement, both of which get a digital release on the 4th September. … Continue reading MM Shorts 758: Tijuana Bibles

Mad Mackerel’s Best Of The Months: March – May (Part 1)

Previously we’ve just offered Best of the Month postings with downloads, but that excludes so many quality songs we’ve decided to just post our favourite tracks – irrespective of whether they are free to download or not. If you like them add them to your Spotify playlists or do the old fashioned thing and download them from iTunes, Bandcamp, or wherever. Anyway, with a bit … Continue reading Mad Mackerel’s Best Of The Months: March – May (Part 1)

Introducing >>> Tijuana Bibles

I went to Tijuana for a day once, it was notable for a mouse in a cafe giving up the ghost and simply expiring on the floor whereupon a waitress on her way to deliver my sandwich stopped, picked it up by the tail and expertly threw it into the overflowing trash bin by the door. Thankfully Tijuana Bibles are a more palatable proposition. They … Continue reading Introducing >>> Tijuana Bibles