Mega Video Round-up

In all the craziness of Christmas our in-box got overwhelmed with videos from all sorts of interesting folk. So here’s your chance to give them a viewing and pick up one or two nice mp3s. Those Lavender Whales have come up with a novel way of showcasing their track Growth In Question from their new record, Tomahawk Of Praise, which is due for release on … Continue reading Mega Video Round-up

Mad Mackerel’s Best Of The Month: December 2011

Here is our final monthly Best Of mix of songs from 2011 – despite all the Christmas fayre on offer, there were still a whole plethora of cracking new tracks to enjoy, and as always we’ve gathered the best of our December posts into one lovely mix for you with a couple of new tracks to sample too. Don’t forget to check out all our … Continue reading Mad Mackerel’s Best Of The Month: December 2011

Sophomore Album From The Uncles

Last year The Uncles debut album of traditionally inspired folk, Replacing Words With Other Words was an unexpected delight, and in Settler’s Song had one of our favourite tracks of the year. We are delighted to report that they are back, now a quartet and not a duo, with their long awaited (by us at least) sophomore album M4W. They will be releasing two singles from the … Continue reading Sophomore Album From The Uncles

New Single from The Uncles

Originally a folk duo, and now expanded into a quartet, The Uncles made a dent in some of the MM Top Tens of 2010 and are planning to release their second album in late summer. It is the follow up to their excellent debut from 2010, Replacing Words With Other Words. M4W is their latest single available to download and will also feature on the album. Download … Continue reading New Single from The Uncles

Mad Mackerel’s 2010 Top Ten Series: No 3, Dr Roddy

Here at MM we share, chat, argue, bury and praise music on a pretty regular basis…like daily. So throughout the year, the Mackerel crew (Mrs Mackerel, Barry-Sean, Christy-Popper, Dr Roddy, Polly Pocket, Starbar, MM and others) keep their own ever-changing top tens ready for publication at the climax of the festive season. Now is the time to reveal all… Our third contribution this year comes … Continue reading Mad Mackerel’s 2010 Top Ten Series: No 3, Dr Roddy