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Late December Catch Up

With all the festivities and end-of-year lists of our favourites, it has meant we have not been able to post a number of new tunes that also came out during the latter part of December. So with apologies for the relative lateness of many of these, we still wanted to catch up and give them a bit of love and airtime.

Led by the husky, sweet vocals of Cameron Matthews, Bear Ceuse is filled out by fanciful and dissonant guitar work, bass, and drums.  The band was recently discovered by U.K.-based label Medical Records, who will release their debut album, Don Domestique, on 26th February. Here is Entertain Me from it.

Download Bear Ceuse – Entertain Me mp3 (from Don Domestique)

Jack Hardman’s track Plymouth is an ethereal and wintery song, filled with warm harmonies and covered in spring reverb – folk music with a psychedelic tint.


New single, Long Forgotten Boy (out 4th March), is the first song written as part of the Night Works project – a sparse pop song with cold synth interludes, perfect for capturing that 4am feeling. It is taken from forthcoming album Urban Heat Island.


Industrial folk collective The Jar Family effortlessly capture the poignant romanticism of life in the North East of England. New single Broken Minded is out on 7th January on Jar Records.


The Pictish Trail also have a new single, The Handstand Crowd, released a couple of weeks ago on iTunes and as a 7″, with an album coming on the 21st January. The track is a wonderfully melodic musing about peer pressure and keeping the wrong company, you can listen here.


Staying in Scotland, No Flags Will Fly is the debut album from Glaswegian band Olympic Swimmers. The album was self-released on the band’s own label Green White Violet in June 2012. This is Fallen Trees.

Download Olympic Swimmers – Fallen Trees mp3 (from No Flags Will Fly)

Olgwi, native of Northern Sweden, releases a third single from the critically acclaimed album Individuation. Titled What I, it is a melancoholic, acoustic country/folk tune, a quest for hope during hard times, in a mild waltzing rhythm, with beautiful backing played by the Stockholm Strings.


Meanwhile, Black Books is altogether more epic – sun-soaked, atmospheric Southern Rock from Austin, Texas. This is White Noise from the Aquarena EP out 11th February on Believe Recordings –


Engine are a new band to us, with a folky, indie sound that is definitely worth exploring. Check out their Bandcamp page here.


Indie rock duo Josh & Mer have a sweet new single, Porcelain out now.


Darling Don’t Dance play rough garage-pop with elements of noise-rock. Replacement is the first single from their debut album City Ghosts.


The new single by Wayter is a double A-side, Team Spirit / Uruguay was recently released as a limited 7″ and download release on Naked Tree Recordings.


Los Angeles’ psych-pop outfit American Royalty has a new track Honey & Queen out that delivers a warm groove with a touch of Yeasayer / Little Dragon about it. From the trio’s upcoming EP, Prismatic, which is due out in February.


Fonda are shoegazey dream-poppers that drink the LA Kool-aid. At the forefront is the single Seeing Stars, which showcases the transcendental pop quality of the duo’s upcoming record, Sell Your Memories. You can give it a listen here:


Shipwreck is the debut single from Henry Green. It was released on December 17th, via Night Talk Records.


Beard Of Wolves have released the excellent track My Father Drives The Death Star as a free download, ahead of their first official single Wet Mouth being released through the Too Pure singles club on January 21st. A full EP and UK tour are then set to land this March.


Upon The North will be the next release from folkies Eliza And The Bear, it will be released on the 25th February and is part of a Double A Side release with The Southern Wild.


NOSE recently released a single on a pay-what-you-want basis called Cretin – a snarling, growling slice of bratty noise rock.


Lastly, for now, Will Miles released his debut double A side single Shallow Water / Angela, last month via new grassroots label Wildheart Records. Shallow Water is an Americana drenched foot stomper whilst Angela is altogether lonelier, mournful and melancholic with washes of pedal steel and harmonica.

Here is the best of our November posts, a perfect mix tape to kick off the festive seasons and a nice reminder before we all get immersed in all those end-of-year top tens/twenties/fifties etc. And as always a couple of new ones too. Twenty five great tracks. Enjoy.

Download Outer Minds – Until You’re Dead mp3

Pristine nugget of 60s inspired garage rock, twangy rough-cut harmonies, a perfect hook and wall of sound noise.

Download Secret Colours – In The Absence mp3

Chiming guitars, hypnotic percussion and spaced out vocals.

Download Derek Pritzl – His Words mp3

Unhurried, thoughtful, raggedy old country soul.

Download Whole Sky Monitor – Freakshow mp3

Brilliantly discordant, energetic rock ‘n’ roll blast.

Download The Sheepdogs – I Don’t Know mp3

Twangy, country infused singalong.

Download Loch Lomond – Elephants & Little Girls mp3

Chamber folk gem that ebbs and flows beautifully.

Download My Teenage Stride – Message mp3

Knocks the spots off most post-punk / garage rock we’ve heard this year.

Download – Joe Pug – To Ohio (Live)

Excellent version of the Low Anthem classic.

Download Popstrangers – Happy Accidents mp3

Chiming guitar, frantic drumming, great vocals.

Download Glass Owls – Griffin Boy mp3

Well crafted, intelligent indie pop with swaggering attitude and studied nonchalance.

Download The War Crimes – The Cost mp3

An insistent low-key refrain overlaid with lyrics as good, and as dark, as any we’ve heard in 2010.

Download Sea of Bees – The Woods mp3

Hypnotic, wistful and otherwordly. Freak-folk at its finest.

Download White Buffalo – Oh Darlin’ What Have I Done mp3

Fingerpicked guitar and sparse percussion soundtrack searingly honest and sometimes uncomfortable folk tale.

Download Scott & Charlene’s Wedding – Rejected mp3

High octane garage rock ‘n’ roll.

Download Airwaves featuring Sharon Van Etten – Waters mp3

Warm, inviting and a little bittersweet folk.

Download Emily Reo – On The Beach mp3

Classic Neil Young given a gossamer coating and let loose on the wind – a swirling, hazy gem.

Download Iowa – Lose Yourself mp3

Sleazy, grimy, fuzzed up delight – so cool it could wear sunglasses indoors.

Download My Disco – Closer mp3

Dark, pummelling tribal noise with a repetitive intro riff, rumbling drums and sonic interference.

Download Wade Williamson – Uncle Sam Don’t Give No Damn (‘Bout Me) mp3

Foot stomping, anti-war folk protest song, like being in 1968.

Download And The Wires – Lines mp3

The gothic deep South combined with the rhythms of South America, barroom jazz and avant pop.

Download Wayter – Cheese Sandwich mp3

Repetitive, melancholic guitar licks and strained poignant vocals.

Download The Moviegoers – Avalanche mp3

Understated and coolly elegant indie-pop.

Download The Luyas – Tiny Head mp3

Echo-drenched space-age pop song.

Download School of Seven Bells – I L U Mp3

Our favourite track from the electro pysch-popsters album.

And a couple of new ones. We love the ferocious garage jangle of the Jacuzzi Boys and their new single Coral Girls, while the Secret Sisters offer a lovely blend of traditional and timeless harmonious country heartbreak.

Download The Jacuzzi Boys – Coral Girls mp3 (from Jacuzzi Boys / Nobunny Split 7″)

Download The Secret Sisters – Tennessee Me mp3 (from The Secret Sisters)

Here again is a short round-up of some of the better new releases we’ve come across recently. Once again, they all deserve more in the way of a narrative, but time can be a hard taskmaster on occasion.

First up is the rather strangely named EP’s Trailer Park and their strangely compelling folk song tribute to Mario Vargas Llosa – this year’s Nobel Laureate in Literature.

Download EP’s Trailer Park – Did You Know That The Name Of My True Love Was Vargas Llosa? mp3


Next is the woozy, lush, dream jangle of Le Sera and their single Never Come Around. Melt-in-the-mouth, marshmallow pop.

Download Le Sera – Never Come Around mp3 (from Never Come Around 7″)


And talking of dreams, Dream Song is in fact more akin to a nightmarish excursion into the more experimental side of rock, making Britches Britches self proclaimed infuences of Deerhunter, Liars and Brainiac easy to understand. More demo tracks can be downloaded for free from their Bandcamp page here.

Download Britches Britches – Dream Song mp3


Meanwhile The Luyas new album is described as a picture-perfect collection of echo-drenched space-age pop songs, check out the vintage effects crackling throughout advance track Tiny Head.

Download The Luyas – Tiny Head mp3 (from Too Beautiful To Work)


Big High School / Avalanche is the self-released debut 7″ from San Diego’s Moviegoers, it is understated and coolly elegant indie-pop that is as charming as it is urbane.

Download The Moviegoers – Avalanche mp3 (from Big High School / Avalanche 7″)


White Laces on the other hand mix live garage-style instrumentation with subtle samples, loops, and archaic synthesizers. The resulting slab of dream punk/noise pop can be found on their forthcoming eponymous EP out in early 2011.

Download White Laces – Motorik Twilight mp3 (from White Laces EP)


New Mexico play a no-frills, no fuss brand of top notch heavyweight garage rock that asks for no quarter and certainly gives none. Abused And Amused is a great, bruising taster from their forthcoming EP Have You Met My Friend?

Download New Mexico – Abused And Amused mp3 (from Have You Met My Friend? EP)


Tripwires are a new four piece from Reading who offer a thoroughly modern, and original take on noise pop. Try Cinnamon which combines sky scraping guitars with honeyed melodies and rock dynamics to excellent effect.

Download Tripwires – Cinnamon mp3


Tristen’s blend of indie pop and up tempo folk calls to mind Neko Case or even Caitlin Rose. Baby Drugs is the catchy b-side to single Eager For Your Love, which can also be downloaded for free from her website here.

Download Tristen – Baby Drugs mp3 (from Eager For Your Love Single)


Cheese Sandwich is the new single (and free giveaway) from Wayter, with repetitive, melancholic guitar licks and strained poignant vocals, the alt-rock foursome manage to evoke the feeling of both menace and vulnerability simultaneously.

Download Wayter – Cheese Sandwich mp3 (from Cheese Sandwich Single)


Lastly And The Wiremen are a revolving cast of musicians creating music that evokes images of a gothic deep South combined with the rhythms of South America and the grainier elements of barroom jazz and avant-pop. One listen and it’s easy to imagine their sound coming off the muddy waters of a Louisiana swamp.

Download And The Wiremen – Lines mp3 (from And The Wiremen)

Download And The Wiremen – Sleep mp3 (from And The Wiremen)