Wing Defence – Greener Pastures

Sticking with our Down Under theme from yesterday, Greener Pastures is the latest effervescent single of bubbling indie-pop from Adelaide’s Wing Defence. Now a more permanent five-piece, it is a song about being at the end of your tether in a job where you’re overworked, not appreciated and underpaid. With its irresistibly catchy chorus offering sing-along profanities at their very best, there is much to … Continue reading Wing Defence – Greener Pastures

Mad Mackerel’s Favourite Songs of the Year – Part 3 (50-26)

Into the top half of our favourite songs of the year. Here are tracks 50 through to 26. 50 Murder By Death – True Dark   Murder By Death have built a career on gothic country rockers and sun-baked desert folk, yet even after all these years they still manage to surprise and True Dark is them at their twangiest best.   49 Fontaines DC … Continue reading Mad Mackerel’s Favourite Songs of the Year – Part 3 (50-26)