Ten Songs You Should Have Heard This Week

Easter weekend, and a bumper collection of ten songs for you to dip into that were released this week. 1. The National – Sunshine On My Back 2. Southern – Lone Driver 3. Cheatahs – Murasaki 4. Heartless Bastards – Gates Of Dawn 5. Woodpigeon – When You Look For Trouble, Trouble Comes 6. Radkey – Parade It 7. Allo Darlin’ – Half Heart Necklace … Continue reading Ten Songs You Should Have Heard This Week

No Direction Home Festival: Free Mix

As you read this I will probably still be speeding northwards through the torrential rain on the M1 heading for Sherwood Forest and the inaugural No Direction Home music festival. Having spent the last two years happily enjoying the fantastic End of the Road festival, my plans were scuppered for a hat-trick by a sneaky move in dates making it clash with our first overseas … Continue reading No Direction Home Festival: Free Mix

Mrs Mackerel’s TFI Friday (25th Feb)

Another country. Having returned from “The North” as people in “The South” are wont to refer to it as, I managed to get past border control at Birmingham, with my rounder sounding vowels and soft Southern ways. A misfit now in both parts! There’s lots of things about heading home that make me feel rather wistful – and so much of it has no real … Continue reading Mrs Mackerel’s TFI Friday (25th Feb)

The End of the Road Festival – A Review

Welcome to our longest ever post, and a whole bucketful of great songs. Last weekend, Barry-Sean came with me to the End of the Road Festival and outside of the musical orgy that is SxSW, we agreed it is the best festival we’ve ever had the pleasure of attending. In fact he’s been writing about it ever since. Here’s what he has to say…. Having … Continue reading The End of the Road Festival – A Review

MM’s Best of the Month: April

As usual, here is our round-up of some of the best songs we’ve posted during April plus a couple of new ones. Thirty great songs all ready to go on one cracking playlist and impress your family and friends. Without further ado… Shabby Rogue – My Life As A Secret Agent mp3 (High octane, paranoia induced rock ‘n’ roll riffage) Kurt Vile – Invisibility Nonexistent … Continue reading MM’s Best of the Month: April

Mad Mackerel Recommends…Woodpigeon

We were originally introduced to Woodpigeon by Mrs Mackerel and their excellent album Treasury Library Canada. Since then we’ve enjoyed the band’s beautifully constructed folk musings on regular occasions. They are back with a new album (their third) Die Stadt Muzikanten and it is released tomorrow in the UK on End of the Road Records. It is chock full of gorgeous strings and harmonies, of sprawling … Continue reading Mad Mackerel Recommends…Woodpigeon