Night Driving In Small Towns Release Debut Album

Atlanta duo Night Driving In Small Towns will release their debut album, Serial Killer, tomorrow, April 20, via Lower 40 Records.

We had an immediate soft spot for them when we discovered they had moved from small South Georgia towns to the city of Atlanta in 2008. Despite being in the heart of rural England, both MM and Barry-Sean have also spent considerable time in small South Georgia towns…we’re veterans of the cicadas, enjoyers of catfish, lovers of the bars, and sufferers of grits! What is that inedible shit?

Anyway, having navigated the spaces between artsy folk pop and brazen indie rock, the duo’s sound is sometimes gutsy, sometimes reserved, but always premeditated. Above all though the album is catchy, hellishly catchy in fact. Throughout you find, without quite knowing how, your head is nodding along to a track, or you’re humming a chorus or joining in with the harmonies – the whole thing is infectious, good natured and wholly charming.

Order the album from here. Visit their MySpace here or website here.

Download Night Driving In Small Towns – Barstool mp3 (from Serial Killer)

Download Night Driving In Small Towns – Come & Tell Me mp3 (from Serial Killer)

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