Mrs Mackerel’s TFI Friday

It’s not often I venture to the North West, favouring the North Eastern climes best, but this week I’ve been on the road to Liverpool visiting a favourite client dedicated to cancer research who are based on Merseyside.

I met some (literally) brilliant people with brains as large as planets, and hearts as big too.  But with being so far from the mackerel shoal, I did yearn for home and all that is part of it.  It got me thinking about all those people stranded far and wide (hey Roadside Graves!) across the water and their anxiety and yearning for their loved ones.

So here’s hoping that wherever you are this Friday evening, you’re with the ones you love (REM perhaps?) because the road home always feels a long one.

Here’s a fine piece of Northern vintage to set you up for the weekend from The Fall and another from Mary Gauthier, about the desolation that can be life on the road.

Mrs M

Download The Roadside Graves – Far And Wide mp3 (from My Son’s Home)

Download The Fall – Hit The North Part 1 mp3 (from The Frenz Experiment)

Download Mary Gauthier – Camelot Motel mp3 (from Filth & Fire)

(Does anyone else out there think in song titles/lyrics or is it just a copywriter’s affliction?!)

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