British Freak-Folk Explosion (maybe)

Rather like London buses these three songs came to our attention all at once. While all are excellent in their own ways, they are also peculiarly British in lyrics and approach.

This is not a negative comment, just an observation that we think it would be extremely unlikely to get anything close to these songs from anywhere else. While addressing different topics they all have a similarity in the use of black humour, the self-deprecation, and the slightly carnivalesque musical stylings which can sometime sound very basic and home-made. The songs all tell a story ranging from not challenging bigotry to sexual performance and all do it in a way that just has a unique, and wonderful, British oddball-ness about it.

So, check out and treasure these three British gems.

First, Filthy Pedro, pioneers of the anti-folk movement and who released their album Filthy Pedro And The Carthaginians a couple of weeks ago.

Second MM faves Paul Hawkins & The Awkward Silences who follow up the inspired We Are Not Other People with a forthcoming new album titled Apologies To The Enlightenment.

Lastly, newcomers The Wind-Up Birds from Leeds who released their debut 7″ Tyre Fire yesterday. This is the brilliant b-side to that single.

Visit the MySpace/webpages: Filthy Pedro, The Wind-Up Birds, Paul Hawkins & The Awkward Silences

Download Filthy Pedro – What Goes Up mp3 (from Filthy Pedro And The Carthaginians)

Download Paul Hawkins & The Awkward Silences – Monkey Serum mp3 (from Apologies To The Enlightenment)

Download The Wind-Up Birds – There Won’t Always Be An England mp3 (from Tyre Fire 7″)

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