Covered in glory

Although MM is not usually a great advocate of covers, these two have caught our ears for different reasons over the past few days.

The first is a strange folk band called Ooks Of Hazzard covering MGMT’s Kids. What is strange is there are nine of them (seven playing ukelele’s, one an accordian and one on drums) and they pull of what can only be described as a stunning, rough country version of the song. It is apparently becoming a bit of a Youtube sensation and you can click here to watch it.

The second is, in it’s own way, equally strange. Released earlier this month, it is by an hitherto unknown, quirky artist collective called Koot Hoomi. They are self-proclaimed Hall and Oates mega-fans and so set out with a vision of not only covering some of their beloved favorite songs, but also, as they put it, “re-imaging the catalog as it might exist in an alternate universe.”  Their creation, playfully titled, The Dark Side of Hall and Oates, comfortably lies somewhere between George Harrison and Middle Eastern-infused, dirty, indie folk. The project was largely recorded in living rooms and basements, using cheap instruments and an old-school analogue tape recorder, giving it a entrancing, low-fi allure. In addition to tackling the songs that actually spent some time on the charts (ie: Maneater, Kiss on My List, Out of Touch), Koot Hoomi has also reinterpreted a number of obscure cuts and b-sides, going all the way back to Daryl Hall and John Oates’ earliest Philly demos.

Now, we confess Hall & Oates were up there amongst MM’s most loathed bands of the 80s, so it took some considerable effort to listen to the album, but you know what…it is startlingly good. The Bird & The Bee might have done their own, better known, Hall & Oates tribute album, but they can’t match this cover of Maneater!

Enjoy folks.

Visit Ooks of Hazzard here. Buy the Dark Side of Hall & Oates here.

Download The Ooks Of Hazzard – Kids mp3

Download Koot Hoomi – Maneater mp3 (from The Dark Side Of Hall And Oates)

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