It’s Round Up Time Again…

It's Round-Up Time Again... Once again we’re deluged from all sides by some top notch tunes. So here is the best of what we’ve picked up via the web and into our in-box recently. Consider a smorgasbord of musical sounds – all you gotta do is take the ones you like. Easy!

First up is a new track from the Dex Romweber Duo. The Death of Me is another fine example of their feral blues mixed with some freewheeling rockabilly guitar licks.

Download The Dex Romweber Duo – The Death Of Me mp3 (from Is That You In The Blue?)

Gloom and doom merchants, Esben & The Witch have returned with a new EP called Hexagons – this is the suitably dark and eerie Hexagons II (The Flight).

Download Esben & The Witch – Hexagons II (The Flight) mp3 (from Hexagons EP)

Seattle Bound is the new taster from Big Tree’s album This New Year which was officially released a couple of days ago. This is quirky, infectious indie-pop of the finest variety.

Download Big Tree – Seattle Bound mp3 (from This New Year)

A short while ago we posted the video for the Dum Dum Girls track Bedroom Eyes. Now here it is for you in all its glory of 50s jangle and 80s New Wave haughtiness.

Download The Dum Dum Girls – Bedroom Eyes mp3 (from Only In Dreams)

Abbie Barrett & The Last Date give us a dreamy, Pink Floydesque ballad in the shape of Draw Me In, a track on their new EP, The Triples Volume 1.

Download Abbie Barrett & The Last Date – Draw Me In mp3 (from The Triples Volume 1)

Similarly Annie Williams is no ordinary singer-songwriter either. She wrote and recorded two EPs of decidedly different flavors concurrently – This Mountain and Midnight Window – releasing both on November 15th. While conceptually different, both are rife with Annie’s sense of exploration and equally deserving of your ears.

Download Annie Williams – Roll On Hills mp3 (from This Mountain EP)

Download Annie Williams – Midnight Window mp3 (from Midnight Window EP)

The Hours are back with an optimistic new single, I Want More. Here’s a radio edit to tempt you.

Download The Hours – I Want More (Radio Edit) mp3 (from I Want More EP)

Forbidden Friends is a new solo project of Thermals frontman Hutch Harris. Forsaking some of the latter’s punky snarl for some bouncier guitar jangle, new single Totally Low is a sub two minute indie-pop gem.

Download Forbidden Friends – Totally Low mp3 (from Totally Low 7″)

And lastly we have the jaunty indie-folk of Rebekah Higgs that matches her sweetly playful vocals to perfection. Gosh, Darn, Damn comes from Odd Fellowship.

Download Rebekah Higgs – Gosh, Darn, Damn mp3 (from Odd Fellowship)

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