Brother Dege’s Album Out Now

Brother Dege delivers authentic, raw dirt, railroad pounding, swamp-fried, Louisiana Mekong Delta blues music.

Like the mad lovechild of Robert Johnson and Jim Morrison, Cajun-born Dege Legg (aka Brother Dege) released his highly anticipated “slide/Dobro record” entitled Folk Songs Of The American Longhair yesterday.

Dripping with atmosphere and backwoods noir. The real deal—death-obsessed, god-fearing, foot stomping, acoustic blues steeped in the devilish myths and haunted ambience that permeates every inch of Louisiana. Factor in some Historic longhaired rock & roll influences – from Sabbath to Black Flag to Scott H Biram – and you’ve got one hell of a combination.

Dege Legg is one of the best-kept secrets in the Deep South: an award-winning writer & musician from Lafayette, Louisiana. In 1994, he founded the underground southern-psych rock band, Santeria, which toured and gigged for 10 years in relative obscurity, pounding out a strange variety of “southern rock” that relied less on chest-thumping and beer guzzling, and more with concentrating their creative energies on expressing the isolation and loneliness of the modern south – at times loud and overbearing and alternately quiet, subdued and withdrawn. Over the years, he’s explored nearly every corner of weirdness imaginable in the Deep South from jails to homeless camps to driving a taxicab to being a staff writer for the alt-weekly The Independent Weekly.

This may well be his finest moment yet and may have involved deals with the devil…

Buy  the album from cdbaby here.

Download Brother Dege – The Girl Who Wept Stones mp3 (from Folk Songs Of The American Longhair)

Download Brother Dege – The Battle Of New Orleans mp3 (from Folk Songs Of The American Longhair)

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