Mrs Mackerel’s TFI Friday

Indulge me today.  My youngest boy was six on Tuesday.  Blessed with an excellent fledgling taste in music, his current faves includes Jason Ward, Stornoway and Dr Dog.  Perhaps being named after MM’s all time hero, Joe Strummer (or Joe Drummer as our Joe called him for some time), has helped.  So much personality packed into one so small.

Anyway, enough of these frivolities, we’ve a hung parliament to consider and Tory Dave as our local MP – or possible PM – what a bummer.  But let’s look on the bright side.  Oxford Utd are on their way to Wembley and my beloved Sunderland might even finish tenth.

And me? I’m rather loving Laura Marling’s brand new offering. But this Friday belongs to Joe.  So here’s one he used to sing to me in the back of the car, aged four: Drive on Driver by the Magnetic Fields.  Awesome.

Happy Days.

Mrs M

Download The Magnetic Fields – Drive On Driver mp3 (from Distortion)

Download Joe Strummer – Tennessee Rain mp3 (from Walker)

Download Jason Ward – Bless You mp3 (from Graceful Bow)

Download Dr. Dog – Shadow People mp3 (from Shame, Shame)

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