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It may have been four years, or maybe more, since we posted about Jason Ward, but the singer-songwriter has lost none of his acerbic wit and darkly observational skills.

So listen to We Were Too Busy Fucking, a song that you might anticipate has some explicit lyrics, and is born from a truism, as Jason Ward says, “I wrote the song because it rang true. When people ask me if I knew someone from college, who I didn’t really know, my response was, We Were Too Busy…



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New Single From Jason Ward

Posted: September 13, 2011 in Folk, Indie, Music, Pop

New Single From Jason Ward. We Mackerels will always have a soft spot for singer songwriter Jason Ward thanks to his wonderfully bitter track Bless You that perfectly soundtracked a particularly appropriate point in our lives.

So it is good to see he is back with a new single You’re Gonna Be OK – a short, but poppy jaunt of melancholic comfort. It’s not available to download yet, but have a listen in preparation.


And in case you don’t have it…

Download Jason Ward – Bless You mp3 (from Bless You Digital Single)

As regular MM readers will know, singer-songwriter Jason Ward has found great favour with Mrs M for his acerbic song Bless You, which lyrically was particularly appropriate at the time of its release.

In advance of his new album Last Time I Was There, he is releasing Good Night as a single via iTunes (out tomorrow) and also offering up an older song Oh Man for free as well, the latter is a song he describes thus: “Oh Man was originally recorded five years ago, but I’ve since re-recorded it, and it’s kind of a Johnny Cash meets the Beatles two minute epitome of catchiness.”

You can stream Good Night below and buy it from iTunes from 1st March. You can download Oh Man for free here, whenever the fancy takes you.

You can also visit Jason’s own blog site here for more details on the album release.


Download Jason Ward – Oh Man mp3

Download Jason Ward – Bless You mp3 (from Graceful Bow EP)

Here at MM we share, chat, argue, bury and praise music on a pretty regular basis…like daily. So throughout the year, the Mackerel crew (Mrs Mackerel, Barry-Sean, Christy-Popper, Dr Roddy, Polly Pocket, Starbar, MM and others) keep their own ever-changing top tens ready for publication at the climax of the festive season.

So last, but very much not least, is the lovely (though flu-stricken) Mrs Mackerel and her choices for 2010.

We all sweat a little over our top tens and I don’t know why really. This is just what I think, you will undoubtedly think a little different. But I’ve always found my fellow top ten contributors a great source of new sounds that maybe I wouldn’t have otherwise chosen myself. And if you find one song you like that you didn’t know before, then job done really. So to all the musicians that kindly let us post their wares, a heartfelt thank you – here’s to the next 12 months.

10. Kurran & The Wolfnotes – Your Four Limbs (Download here)

Sunny upbeat music with a beautiful harmonies, juxtaposed with a rather a dark message. A masochistic love of complete surrender; one-sided blind devotion and infatuation. It doesn’t end well.

9. Adam Green – What Makes Him Act So Bad  (Download here)

Appeals to the latent rock chick in me: she may lie sleeping, but she’s still in there. The laconic, growling delivery of the lyrics makes this tune twist and dip. Late night smoky bar sort of song, bit of a hip swayer over a cocktail or two. “I know you’re a wonderful dancer” – why thank you, Adam, I expect I’m the one with the answers too.

8. Lykke Li – Get Some  (Download here)

A proper bit of girl power in the form of a punchy, irrepressible foot-stomping beat. It’s not one to get your daughters to sing along to, but I love the rhythmic no-messing attitude of this song. It’s not often you hear such a drum/percussion-dominated track but this only means it beds into your mental song library very easily. And unlike with say, Two Little Boys (sorry Rolf), you don’t end up irritating yourself.

7. Two Wounded Birds – Night Patrol  (Download here)

A sleazy, sultry mix which tips a nod to Chris Isaacs and maybe even the Raveonettes too; the drums sound like a heartbeat, the guitars borrow a little from Hank Marvin. This song belongs to a different era, where women had beehives and men wore hats and chain-smoked. Just fabulous.

6.  Tallest Man On Earth – King Of Spain  (Download here)

Off we gallop at a rollicking pace before yep, here he comes, the Tallest Man on Earth, this time masquerading as the King of Spain. He has a unique and idiosyncratic voice that truly sets him apart from many of his contemporaries, and my great musical regret of 2009 is that MM and I were unable to make his London gig in last autumn.

5. The National – Bloodbuzz Ohio

Oh I do like a man with a voice as deep as the night. Matt Berninger’s unmistakeable baritone cuts through this lament, with the drums bringing up the rear. Hypnotic offering from a band that have been waiting in the wings for some much deserved recognition from the wider world.

4. Haunted Windchimes – Sea Bride  (Visit their website here. We can’t post the song or find a stream or a video…but you can listen via spotify here)

I loathe wind-chimes. Pointless instruments of aural torture. But once I got past the name, well this is a finger-pickin’ good tune. One of my outstanding films of 2010 was Winter’s Bone and there’s a scene in it where a hill-billy Nan and her mates are sat round in what looks like someone’s front room/bar. What they make is real music for the soul. I could imagine the Haunted Windchimes pulling up a chair and being right at home – and I mean this musically, not in an in-bred, gun-toting sort of way (she adds hastily).

3. Stornoway – I Saw You Blink

To me this is our MM summer of 2010 song: it’s sunshine and dreaminess and love. There’s self doubt and possibly even a Shelley-esque metaphor used (eyes being the window of the soul and all that). All sung to a back-drop of retro, up-tempo, carefully layered music. He’s in love, distracted, missed his train, and constantly wondering what she’s thinking. Dammit, Lucy, he needs to know – are you one he’s been waiting for so, so long? I’m rather glad I’m not 20-something any more …


2. Laura Marling – What He Wrote

What she writes, what she sings, what she plays is incomparable to any of her peers. But age sometimes belies wisdom. I struggled to choose from the riches of her second album, but this wins over Goodbye England by a smidge, simply because I prefer the latter in its unaccompanied arrangement. Here we have a piece of Greek mythology entwined with some war time letters; cause and effect; love and loss. “I am broken too and spoken for, do not tempt me.” A talent of rare and precious mettle.

1.Avalanche City – Ends In The Ocean  (Download here)

This snuck up when I wasn’t looking: the more I listened, the more I liked it. Kiwi Dave Baxter is Avalanche City; he taught himself to sing, plays all the instruments (apart from the drums) on this track, and recorded his debut album, solo, armed with a week’s supply of veggie curry. I like that in a person. And the song? It’s about losing yourself, and finding yourself again. It’s uplifting and positive and life-affirming – and it has a goodness that radiates through my very skin. “But now all that I see is life breaking free, so long captivity for me.” Not a bad way to end the year.

This year’s honourable mention goes to…

Jason Ward – Bless You  (Download here)

Bless you, Jason Ward. And bless you, MM. It’s quite a feat to make someone laugh when they’re in that much pain. Lies, deceit and fraud just ain’t enough for some people – let’s chuck in assault and battery too. Bless You is the anthem for the lesser common psycho. Delusional and toxic, they often hunt in pairs. Napoleon and Squealer. The Liver Turds. All should be sealed in a room and made to listen to Alexandra Burke on a loop. All together now, “How horrible are you …”

Bubbling Under:

5. Isobel Campbell & Willie Mason – Cool Water

4. Gorillaz – Melancholy Hill

3. Pancake BreakfastBallad of Maynard Noe

2. Mumford & SonsUnfinished Business

1. Port O’BrienMy Brain is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes To Bitburg)

And the Mrs Mackerel “Missed the Boat” or Songs I love that are not 2010

She Keeps Bees & Sharon Van EttenCuddle Alone

Just about the saddest song ever written. There’s nothing else to say really. Haunting.

The Dutchess & The DukeScorpio

Well, often timing is everything; I became aware of D&TD about ten days after they split up. Was it something I said? Scorpio is a particular favourite, a painfully observed lament about a dying relationship.

New single from Jason Ward

Posted: December 5, 2010 in Alternative, Folk, Indie, Music, Pop

After the release of his Graceful Bow EP, and in particular the track Bless You, Jason Ward is a firm favourite of Mrs Mackerel, and so we were pleased to get details of his new single Okay which is released via iTunes on Tuesday.

The single is purposefully more of an upbeat and insightful song, and while the singer/songwriter or even folk labels are still appropriate, it could just as easily be labeled as indie rock, alt/rock, or even pop (should labelling be your thing).

We have the b-side for you here, You’re A Fool is slower, but still uplifting. Just the thing for a chilly Sunday morning!

Visit his MySpace here.

Download Jason Ward – You’re A Fool mp3 (from Okay Single)

Download Jason Ward – Bless You mp3 (from Graceful Bow EP)

Jason Ward releases Bless You

Posted: May 10, 2010 in Folk, Indie, Music

We’ve put Jason Ward’s acerbic Bless You up on MM a couple of times already. Now he is releasing it as a free digital single and download and we have the b-side for you too. It’s called Dark In Here and also comes from his excellent Graceful Bow EP.

Ward says, “This is an instance where the blogosphere gets to act as the gatekeeper, releasing the music just as they always have, on their own pages, and on their own terms.  Why deal with the legal issues of labels in an era where even web host sites are shutting down music blogs left and right. Music blogs are on our side way more than any kind of label, independent or not.  Just post the music, and let the listeners enjoy.”

MM says hear hear!

Ward is now busy at work on the follow-up to the Almighty Row LP, which dropped last summer, and is hoping for a late summer release date for his new project.  He added, “Think ten to twelve songs of cohesive material, but more soulful than Almighty Row, and maybe even a little bit of happy stuff.”

We’ll keep you posted. “Til then, enjoy these.

Visit his MySpace here.

Download Jason Ward – Bless You mp3 (from Bless You Digital Single)

Download Jason Ward – Dark In Here mp3 (from Bless You Digital Single)

Indulge me today.  My youngest boy was six on Tuesday.  Blessed with an excellent fledgling taste in music, his current faves includes Jason Ward, Stornoway and Dr Dog.  Perhaps being named after MM’s all time hero, Joe Strummer (or Joe Drummer as our Joe called him for some time), has helped.  So much personality packed into one so small.

Anyway, enough of these frivolities, we’ve a hung parliament to consider and Tory Dave as our local MP – or possible PM – what a bummer.  But let’s look on the bright side.  Oxford Utd are on their way to Wembley and my beloved Sunderland might even finish tenth.

And me? I’m rather loving Laura Marling’s brand new offering. But this Friday belongs to Joe.  So here’s one he used to sing to me in the back of the car, aged four: Drive on Driver by the Magnetic Fields.  Awesome.

Happy Days.

Mrs M

Download The Magnetic Fields – Drive On Driver mp3 (from Distortion)

Download Joe Strummer – Tennessee Rain mp3 (from Walker)

Download Jason Ward – Bless You mp3 (from Graceful Bow)

Download Dr. Dog – Shadow People mp3 (from Shame, Shame)