Jason Ward releases Bless You

We’ve put Jason Ward’s acerbic Bless You up on MM a couple of times already. Now he is releasing it as a free digital single and download and we have the b-side for you too. It’s called Dark In Here and also comes from his excellent Graceful Bow EP.

Ward says, “This is an instance where the blogosphere gets to act as the gatekeeper, releasing the music just as they always have, on their own pages, and on their own terms.  Why deal with the legal issues of labels in an era where even web host sites are shutting down music blogs left and right. Music blogs are on our side way more than any kind of label, independent or not.  Just post the music, and let the listeners enjoy.”

MM says hear hear!

Ward is now busy at work on the follow-up to the Almighty Row LP, which dropped last summer, and is hoping for a late summer release date for his new project.  He added, “Think ten to twelve songs of cohesive material, but more soulful than Almighty Row, and maybe even a little bit of happy stuff.”

We’ll keep you posted. “Til then, enjoy these.

Visit his MySpace here.

Download Jason Ward – Bless You mp3 (from Bless You Digital Single)

Download Jason Ward – Dark In Here mp3 (from Bless You Digital Single)

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