Mrs Mackerel’s TFI Friday

Surely May must be my favourite month – or maybe September? – it’s too close to call.  Anyway, traditionally a time of spring cleaning, I thought I might make the most of my enforced incarceration this week owing to one poorly daughter.  Alas, I didn’t get much further than a bag of old letters and photos – letters from old friends and older boyfriends.  How I laughed – at myself, mostly. All that heartfelt longing and poor decision-making … promptly made a note to self about what to warn beloved and very beautiful daughter about when it comes to affairs of the heart.

Ho hum, so all this reflective pondering and romantic reminiscing, coupled with me still loving and relentlessly playing Laura (Marling’s I Speak Because I Can), makes me think that some of this would be right up Friday’s street.  After all, as someone once said to me, it’s all in the detail.  Perhaps they knew me better than I thought.

Sometime Around Midnight – been there, got the t-shirt – thankfully all a long time ago.  In the MM annual top ten for 2008 from The Airborne Toxic Event.

There are many DeVotchKa songs that I love, but continuing in the vein of today’s post, let’s waltz around the kitchen to this one. Sniff.

And last, but by no means least, here’s a very old but much loved lament, albeit cover, by This Mortal Coil of Tim Buckley’s Song to the Siren. “Here I am, here I am, waiting to hold you.”

Splash!  Enjoy your memories and your weekend.

Mrs M

Download The Airborne Toxic Event – Sometime Around Midnight mp3 (from The Airborne Toxic Event)

Download Devotchka – You Love Me mp3 (from How It Ends)

Download This Mortal Coil – Song To The Siren mp3 (from It’ll End In Tears)

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