Any excuse to post Loch Lomond

This rather good Loch Lomond song appears to be doing the rounds a little bit on the blogs and frankly that’s all the excuse we need to post it here too.

For the uninitiated they play a wonderful blend of surreal folk with songs about bears with porcelain plate collections and the like. They were one of the standout bands for us from our visit to SxSW in 2009 and we’ve followed them closely ever since.

This track is the marvellously titled Ghost Of An Earthworm and comes from an EP called Night Bats.

You can buy the EP from Hush Records here or from  iTunes here, or spend lots of eMusic credits on them here.

You can visit their MySpace here.

Download Loch Lomond – Ghost Of An Earthworm mp3 (from Night Bats)

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