New from Great Lakes

Great Lakes formed in Athens, Georgia in 1996. Founded around the songwriting partnership of Ben Crum and lyricist Dan Donahue, they released an eponymous debut in 2000. Over time Crum and Donahue relocated to Brooklyn, releasing The Distance Between in 2002, and Diamond Times, which appeared in 2006. In 2009 Donahue moved back to Athens, leaving Crum to carry on in New York.

2010’s Ways of Escape (out on October 12) is the first of their records to feature Crum as the primary songwriter. With its frank and personal folk- and country-influenced songs, the record has a bare emotional style that’s far from the innocent optimism and lighthearted psychedelia of the band’s first two records.

Adorned with gentle guitar, stately piano, beautiful pedal steel, soulful organ and subtle yet powerful drumming, try advance track Summer Fruit which gently soothes and entices in equal part. Gorgeous.

Visit their MySpace here.

Download Great Lakes – Summer Fruit mp3 (from Ways Of Escape)

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