Mad Mackerel Recommends…Big Blood

Big Blood are entirely new to us, although they have released a handful of CD-Rs (see Dontrustheruin here), Dead Songs is apparently their first CD and vinyl release proper.

The only track we’ve heard is this one, e-mailed through to us from a source we can’t quite identify, but whoever you are, we’re most grateful. Lay Your Head On The Rails II comes across like an outtake from side two of Neil Young’s classic Rust Never Sleeps – feedback buzz and a big fat riff powers from the speakers while the reedy, but determinedly unbreakable vocals fight to the finish to make themselves heard. It is absolutely superb stuff.

A little investigation reveals not a great deal. They claim to be a four piece that perform as a duo and offer a cover of Heart Of Glass on their MySpace page. There are connections to bands called Cerberus Shoal and Fire on Fire. There are references to folk and acid-folk and transcendental dirges. But above all there is this song which is a stonewall gem in our book and a genuine contender for the end-of-year best of lists.

We’ll be searching out more Big Blood as a priority!

Visit their MySpace here. You can order the album from Time-Lag Records here.

Download Big Blood – Lay Your Head On The Rails II mp3 (from Dead Songs)

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