Mad Mackerel’s Post-Holiday Round Up

We’ve been away for most of the past two weeks and relying on forward scheduling posts for the most part, but it means we’ve missed out on some of the more recent releases. So a first quick trawl through the in box has picked out these three for you.

First up is Glitter, the first single from the forthcoming No Age album Everything In Between. It begins with an almost glam rock feel and is certainly a touch more polished and a touch more pop then previous efforts, but the rumbling drums, low-key vocals and hazy feedback are still present and correct and it all adds up to a mighty fine opener for the album.

Download No Age – Glitter mp3 (from Everything In Between)

MM gets the feeling that Salem might be less inclined to compromise than No Age, certainly if second track from forthcoming album King Night is anything to go by. It is bleak, spectral, and brilliantly uncomfortable listening, the disembodied (even disembowelled) vocals are enough to give you nightmares on their own!

Download Salem – Asia mp3 (from King Night)

Third up are much under-rated MM faves, and post-punk, art-rock weirdos The Victorian English Gentlemens Club whom we first saw a few years ago as the support band at a gig in Oxford. They are now preparing their third album for release and are offering up the marvellously titled A Biting Wind Followed By An Occasional Drift Of Snow (Was No Way To Cure A Hangover) – every bit as good as it sounds it should be.

Download The Victorian English Gentlemens Club – A Biting Wind Followed By An Occasional Drift Of Snow (Was No Way To Cure A Hangover) mp3

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