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We’ve been away for most of the past two weeks and relying on forward scheduling posts for the most part, but it means we’ve missed out on some of the more recent releases. So a first quick trawl through the in box has picked out these three for you.

First up is Glitter, the first single from the forthcoming No Age album Everything In Between. It begins with an almost glam rock feel and is certainly a touch more polished and a touch more pop then previous efforts, but the rumbling drums, low-key vocals and hazy feedback are still present and correct and it all adds up to a mighty fine opener for the album.

Download No Age – Glitter mp3 (from Everything In Between)

MM gets the feeling that Salem might be less inclined to compromise than No Age, certainly if second track from forthcoming album King Night is anything to go by. It is bleak, spectral, and brilliantly uncomfortable listening, the disembodied (even disembowelled) vocals are enough to give you nightmares on their own!

Download Salem – Asia mp3 (from King Night)

Third up are much under-rated MM faves, and post-punk, art-rock weirdos The Victorian English Gentlemens Club whom we first saw a few years ago as the support band at a gig in Oxford. They are now preparing their third album for release and are offering up the marvellously titled A Biting Wind Followed By An Occasional Drift Of Snow (Was No Way To Cure A Hangover) – every bit as good as it sounds it should be.

Download The Victorian English Gentlemens Club – A Biting Wind Followed By An Occasional Drift Of Snow (Was No Way To Cure A Hangover) mp3

Here is our regular monthly round up of 25 of the best tracks posted on Mad Mackerel in the past month, and three new gems too. That’s a more than decent mixtape sorted even if we were crap in the World Cup!

The FuturebirdsBattle For Rome mp3

Glorious, up-tempo alt-country gem that recalls Neil Young at his finest

Puro InstinctCalifornia Shakedown mp3

Dreamily seductive slice of icy pop

Burnt OnesBury Me In Smoke mp3

Sleazy, dirty, hook-laden surf rock and heavy doses of 7os glam

Mississippi ManMountain mp3

Superb blend of Americana and country-folk

The Vitamin Sees Illumanati Mind Control mp3

Mesmerising and hypnotic, with repetitive guitar riff and laconic vocals. Our discovery of the month!

Black Mountain – Old Fangs mp3

Scorched, driving, desert blues

HollowbellyLong Road mp3

Raw, stomping, hellfire and brimstone blues

Sharon Van EttenI Couldn’t Save You mp3

Languid, lonely and desolate. As stark and as stunning a heartbreaker as you could imagine

Ferocious FewKathleen mp3

Joyous raiding of the rock’n’roll cupboard to produce a two-minute classic

Elf PowerStranger In The Window mp3

Gentle, pensive, country-tinged, psych-pop. Gorgeous

Mathew Sawyer & The Ghosts – Mynah Birds Call mp3

Fragile, Syd Barrett influenced unorthodox folk whimsy

All Saints DayYou Can’t Be Alone mp3

Pop overdosing on distortion and reverb

Lail AradEveryone Is Moving To Berlin mp3

Wonderful blend of sharp-tongued pop and lovely folk overtones

The WhigsDying mp3

Visceral, slow burn of a track, builds into crescendo of guitars, drums and feedback

Tame ImpalaSolitude Is Bliss mp3

Bold, fuzzed up blues standout from recent album Innerspeaker

Karen ElsonThe Ghost Who Walks mp3

Gothic-tinged, country murder ballad

TennisMarathon mp3

Sweet and catchy pop gem

Tweak BirdA Sun Ahh Ahh mp3

Brilliant mix of full-on old-school metal riffing and psychedelic overtones

The MinksFuneral Song mp3

Vintage Cure bassline, icy synths and shadowy, sombre lyrics

The Black LipsBefore You Judge Me mp3

Typically swaggering boozy cut of garage rock

We Are Country MiceFestival mp3

Garage goodness, awash with reverb, duelling guitars and a tinge of psychedelia

The Local NativesCareful mp3

Chiming cover of Television album track

SalemKing Night mp3

Ghostly leanings and haunting, desolate beats

CrocodilesSleep Forever mp3

Full on indie rocker in the spirit of the Bunnymen

Emily ReoWitch Mtn Pt. 2 mp3

Dreamily seductive and captivating fuzzy Beach House style pop

And  three new ones for you to finish off:

The Vitamin SeesEvil Eye mp3

More tripped out, pulsing krautrock from our new band discovery of the month

Port O’BrienMy Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes To Bitburg) mp3

From the wonderful Buffetlibre/Amnesty Peace project (180 tracks for $5 minimum) comes this brilliant Ramones cover by MM faves Port O’Brien. Buy this compilation here now!

Wild NothingYour Rabbit Feet mp3

Latest chilled (and chilly) dream pop from new indie-wunderkind

New from Salem

Posted: June 23, 2010 in Alternative, Music, Psychedelic, Rock

Salem are perhaps the arch exponents of a sound you can only describe as sinister, dark-hearted and experimental, trading as much on the atmospherics as the music itself.

Album King Night is out in September (check out the marvellous cover art), and the lead off title track is just as bleak and as obtuse as you might expect. For all those ghostly leanings and haunted, desolate beats, the duo have a sense of rhythm and melody that, though often buried, refuses to surrender, and gives their sound a twisted romanticism that is hard to deny.

The album is out via IAMSOUND Records.

Download Salem – King Night mp3 (from King Night)