Introducing…Her Name Is Calla

Her Name Is Calla play music that you need to immerse yourself in. It is dark, and tense, effortlessly evoking an eerie atmospheric and full of gravity and bombast. The instrumentation accumulates with guitar, cello, mighty percussion and violins, lyrics are as much intoned as sung and do not deal with the lighter side of life that’s for sure.

Her Name Is Calla are one of those bands who require some real effort on behalf of the listener, but one where the effort is more than amply rewarded. Draw the curtains, turn out the lights, turn up the volume and let the sheer magnitude of the music overwhelm you.

Forthcoming 80 minute epic album The Quiet Lamb is out in November on Denovali Records.

Visit their MySpace here.

Download My Name Is Calla – Homecoming mp3 (from The Quiet Lamb)

Download My Name Is Calla – Long Grass mp3 (from The Quiet Lamb)

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