New from Howling Owls

Without doubt, Florida’s Howling Owls are one of our favourite new music discoveries of 2010 – we’ve featured three songs to date (as and when they’ve come through from the band) and so you can imagine our delight over the weekend when we received another new track.

There’s a slight change in mood to Mood Ring – it’s a little quicker, more staccato, less downbeat, but lyrically still overwhelmed with regret and a barely containable bitterness.

“It’s a simple fact of life we all end up in coffins,

and if life is a gift, what does death bring?”

As yet the band have not released anything officially, but are hopefully still working towards a planned EP release in 2010.

Until then, enjoy the latest offering, like everything else they’ve sent us, it is wonderful. And if you’ve yet to sample the pleasure of their other tracks, grab them all now.

Visit their MySpace here.

Download Howling Owls – Mood Ring mp3

Download Howling Owls – My World mp3

Download Howling Owls – Family Tree mp3

Dowload Howling Owls – Snake Charmer (No Money In The Bank) mp3

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