Mrs Mackerel’s TFI Friday

Well, Mrs Mackerel unbound! Shaking free from the rather genteel tethers of a typical Friday night in downtown Charlbury, we are heading towards the Big Smoke for a gig where I reckon MM and I could be the oldest fish there. And hurray, we have seats! I’m far too old to stand up for too long, even if it is Mumford & Sons.

Poor little Joe was a bit down in the mouth about his exclusion from the trip. As he is still only six, there should be plenty of time for gigging yet. (Continuing his trend for cover versions, the Mumford cover of Unfinished Business has now eclipsed the Bonzo Goes to Bitsburg phase with Port O’Brien, hence the acute misery).

And for me, the Mumford Boys symbolise moving on: energetic, heart-felt, honest music discovered earlier this year when life needed a more positive soundtrack.

So down with the kids we go; country mouse to town mouse; bright lights, big city. Can’t wait.

Mrs Mackerel

Here’s something to rouse you on a Friday night, a foot-stomping offering from Broken Records.

Download Broken Records – A Good Reason mp3 (from Until the Earth Begins To Part)

Download Mumford & Sons – Unfinished Business mp3 (White Lies Cover)

Download Port O’Brien – My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes To Bitburg) mp3 (Ramones Cover, from the Peace Project)

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