Mrs Mackerel’s TFI Friday

It’s been a week of away fixtures. First, a trip to Cardiff with my dearest friend and today, I cast my net across the water to Ventnor, where me and big brother will undoubtedly regress into a bit of sibling banter. I’ll be missing the rest of the mackerel clan big time and undoubtedly the sprats will have eaten more than their fair share of pasta by the end of the weekend …

My first trip of the (Mackerel) week was the hotly anticipated Mumford gig last Friday night. They didn’t disappoint and were every bit as good live as I’d hoped. Shame about the crowd. It was like being trapped in a giant crowd of starlings, a constant twittering throughout the whole live set, people up and down to go to the bar, text their mates (actually, I’ve never seen a starling texting before), discuss their plans for the weekend and so on. La la la.

This drone is lost in the faster Mumford numbers, of which there are thankfully many, but the slower more acoustic songs – and the new stuff – were sadly accompanied by a background hum. Ho hum. Not good. A zeitgeist moment? Who knows?

Last year, MM and I saw The Low Anthem at a small venue in Oxford and it was the same there, but more acute because of their set and the size of the room. Call me old-fashioned, but if I go to see a band, I’m there to listen, dance, enjoy. (I’m not a whooper myself, but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of well-placed whooping either). Maybe I’ll launch myself as some gig vigilante – the Mardy Mackerel – “show some respect and hush up” before slapping some gaffer tape on the gobby folk. And then maybe someone will break my fins and post me down the loo.

Let’s hope Ventnor is ready for a pair of opinionated Northerners tonight. Hehehehe.

Mrs Mackerel

Here a little bit of what I fancy this Friday, for no other reason than I think the Dutchess & the Duke are rather excellent (if sadly no more).

Download The Dutchess & The Duke – Hands mp3 (from Sunset / Sunrise)

Download The Dutchess & The Duke – Reservoir Park mp3 (from She’s The Dutchess, He’s The Duke)

Download Mumford & Sons – Little Lion Man mp3 (from Sign No More)

Download The Low Anthem – To Ohio mp3 (from Oh My God, Charlie Darwin)

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