Introducing…Blessed Feathers

Blessed Feathers describe themselves as ‘a folkish trio from Milwaukee’, and dropped us a line about their self-titled debut album together with a couple of videos.

I guess you could call it a sparse sort of sound with minimal instrumentation accompanying the vocals and giving it an old-fashioned, home-made feel that is every bit as charming as it is good.

However, to succeed with an approach of this kind across a whole album, the songs have to be strong enough to stand up in their own right and, despite their young years, Blessed Feathers manage to pull it off with an understated confidence that thankfully marks them apart from the plethora of ‘folk songs in a cabin’ type crowds.

In fact we would go as far as to say it is an outstandingly good album that grows in impact with each press of the repeat button.

So, ‘Folkish’ it most certainly is, but it is damned good too. Watch the video below and grab yourself a couple of tracks to try out as well. If you like what you see/hear, click the Bandcamp link to get the whole album for free.

Visit their MySpace here. Visit their website here.

Get the whole album for free (and buy other stuff too) from their Bandcamp page here.

Download Blessed Feathers – American Sands, Earthly Treason mp3 (from Blessed Feathers)

Download Blessed Feathers – FUDJ (Pawn Shop Blues) mp3 (from Blessed Feathers)

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