Emily Reo covers Neil Young

Longtime MM fave Emily Reo dropped us a line to update us with some news and to give us this rather wonderful cover of Neil Young’s classic On The Beach.

First up, The Fmly added both her full length album, Minha Gatinha, and EP, Witch Mtn, to their Fmly Rcrds digital downloads, and you can get everything (plus a few hidden surprises!) for free here!

With the free downloads, they have also included this alluring and singularly original cover of On The Beach (and in time to honour his birthday too). It is as if she has taken the song and twirled it in the finest gossamer before letting it loose to float on the wind. It’s a swirling, hazy gem.

This is Emily’s most recent completed recording, and will give you an idea of the direction her new stuff is going in for 2011! We’re looking forward to hearing more…

Not only that, her collaboration with Blackbird Blackbird will be dropping this tuesday as a 7″ through Fire Talk records. You can get more details and pre-order by clicking here

Finally, if you want to check out more from Fmly Rcrds, here’s a link to the full list of digital downloads including New Alaskas, Dark Sea of Awareness, Professor Calculus, Truman Peyote, etc!

Visit Emily’s MySpace here.

Download Emily Reo – On The Beach mp3 (Neil Young cover)

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