Mrs Mackerel’s TFI Friday (3 Dec)

This may be a day late (snow, sickness, another quiz), but Christmas has come early for us here at MM because we have a new song from the Cave Singers – glad tidings of great joy indeed. In fact, so excited were we that fishy wars broke out, with MM posting it (albeit briefly) yesterday afternoon after promising the missus that it was hers. He has now been bread-crumbed and lightly grilled on both sides.

This week, I’ve left gloom and doom behind after some anxious communications from our Swiss outpost. The snowy weather has prompted some new oh-no-we’re-stuck-on-the-M25-for-hours car journey games as played by MM and Polly Pocket for quite some time. Keep these in your back pocket for just the right moment, all music-centric of course: songs with a name in the title (“Charlotte Sometimes”); songs with a state in the title (“To Ohio”); songs with a colour in the title (“Big Red Sun Blues”); songs with food in the title (“American Pie”) – you get the gist. Watch out for those guilty pleasures that slip out from the recesses of your memory and record collection …

Anyway, back to the present. I think the Cave Singers are sublime. There’s always that slight anxiety when a band you really like release something new. But how could I have doubted them for a moment? This is real music for the soul. Just what I needed.

Enjoy the weekend.

Mrs Mackerel

Download Swim Club mp3 by the Cave Singers. Understated, gentle brilliance.

(Today’s photo taken with my phone: stopping by woods on a snowy evening with deputy dawg. Ain’t it pretty?)

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