Introducing…Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson has the most common of names but demonstrates the most uncommon talent. He combines an unforgettable voice with an uncanny capacity for writing beautiful and moving songs.

His south Mississippi drawl masking a keen intelligence and an encyclopedic knowledge of music, Johnson grew up watching his grandfather spinning records and creating innovative engineering techniques in the recording studio at WRJW in Picayune, Mississippi. BJ Johnson was a noted country singer who enjoyed a 40-year recording career and founded WRJW. His son Byron – Joe’s father – was a well known gospel musician. Joe’s mother is a piano player and as far back as he can remember Joe sang with his family and learned to play guitar sitting around the front porch with family and friends.

New album A Time to Dance illustrates the deep roots and lineage of Johnson’s signature sound.

Recorded live to tape, the album offers twelve outstanding tracks of Johnson’s heartfelt country songs that conjure ghosts of love and longing, hope and despair.

Take a listen to the wonderful strum and rumble of Don’t Let Your Blue Eyes Cry below.


The album is out on the 4th March and can be ordered from Blank Tape Records here.

3 thoughts on “Introducing…Joe Johnson

  1. I use to live nextdoor to Joe. I enjoyed hearing him practice also enjoy family. I do say I didn’t ever get the catfish dinner he promise me. O wish you all the best in the world with your new album Joe wish I could be there for the cd party.

  2. Joe’s my brother. He’s number one in my book. Hope more people see his talent, and above all he never stops making music.

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