Help Withered Hand get to SxSW

For some unfathomable reason the wonderful Withered Hand has so far been denied a visa to enter the USA and play at SxSW – apparently this is based on some arbitrary judgement about his artistic merits.

Clearly this is bollocks, but time is running out to get the decision overturned – as you can see from the e-mail he sent out:

Dear everybody

I had been invited to play SXSW, the big music festival in Texas, done everything correctly, spent a whole lot of money on flights and visas. And now my visa is held up a week before the show as US immigration do not think I am good enough to come into USA to play. Sadly I am not the only musician whose application seems to have landed on the ‘angry’ desk!

Twitter fans and Facebook users are spontaneously trying to help out in the only way they can really. I have already called in all the biggest favours I can in the BBC and the rest. Wheels are very slowly turning but i’m running out of time here. Just waiting now, flight leaves on Saturday. Album out on March 15th in USA on my US label Absolutely Kosher. Visa application (cost – $2300) on a desk somewhere in Vermont. Ugh.

Twitter hashtag to use is (sorry if this is gibberish to most of you, it was to me until a few months ago) –


Plz spread the word. Thanks Dan x

Please, please do what you can via Facebook and Twitter to support one of the best ‘folk’ artists we’ve heard in the UK in the past few years.

If you need proof of Withered Hand’s “artistic merit”, then just listen to these wonderful tracks.

Download Withered Hand – Hard On mp3 (from Good News)

Download Withered Hand – Cornflake mp3 (from Good News)

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