Howe Gelb & A Band Of Gypsies to release Alegrias in the USA

Back in June last year we posted about Alegrias, an exceptional album from Howe Gelb with his Band of Gypsies that was recorded atop a Cordoba roof in the Andalucía sun.

Originally only available in Spain, where the record enjoyed considerable success due in part to the wondrous contribution from Flamenco guitar virtuoso Raimundo Amador, Fire Records will be releasing the album in the USA in May.

Many have tried to blend Flamenco with their native style without success – not this time! Alegrias is a special moment captured by a collection of musicians who have seamlessly married rich Flamenco rhythms to Howe’s own unique sound.

Like many of the best things, the record record came about by chance after Howe met Fernando Vacas in Cordoba. What started as an organic coming together of minds soon enjoyed input from local flamenco musicians that led to the exploration of uncharted territory somewhere between American roots rock, southern and border, and the purest flamenco.

You can order direct from Fire Records here.

Download Howe Gelb & A Band Of Gypsies – 4 Door Maverick mp3 (from Alegrias)

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