Mrs Mackerel’s TFI Friday (1st April)

We’re back to Friday (just). There’s no fool like an April fool, ay MM?

MM and I continue to be perplexed about why the long lost post of last May (Happy Anniversary Mrs Mackerel) remains in the top ten posts. Is it because the title was written in caps? There’s bugger all to it, really. Best make MM write something really special this anniversary.

Speaking of which, I keep glancing over at Ping or Genius, all virtual friends who pretend to know me, and see what they’re telling me I’ll like. “You bought music by Elbow you’ll like Daddy’s Gone by Glasvegas”. Really? How do you know? I don’t actually, you over familiar piece of software. My musical tastes have much more subtle nuances than that.

Speaking of which, it’s a what’s on the black box car stereo at the moment kind of day. We’re repeat playing Portland by Middle Brother (youngest sprat knows all the words), Frankie’s Gun by the Felice Brothers (bang bang bang), and the sublime Think You Can Wait by The National (featuring MM fave Sharon Van Etten). You’d have to be a real telepathic genius to work that lot out, Ping.

That’s enough thoughts for this tired brain this Friday.

Good health.

Mrs Mackerel

PS This now means it’s next month that we see the Cave Singers

What to choose, what to choose. Ping, ping. Black Hoax Lie by Sara Jaffe. “Wherever you left me, that’s where my heart still lies.”

Download Sara Jaffe – Black Hoax Lie mp3 (from Even Born Again)

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