Mrs Mackerel’s TFI Friday (13th May)

Posted: May 13, 2011 in Country, Folk, Indie, Music, Rock

The coming week sees a much welcomed change to the working week, for me any way. A little more time to listen to a bit more music (maybe), and write a bit more (hopefully). My early working life was a bit feral really when I look back – in style rather than substance. And that rather suited me – it took me an awful long time to settle down to being within the confines of an office.

So a little time to exhale, to look at life a fresh. Shake it all up a bit.

Nothing stays the same forever.

Mrs Mackerel

And just imagine, a little more time to contemplate TFI! Oh yes – maudlin mackerel one week, flighty salmon the next – or maybe even crazy mixed up carp. Which fish shall I be? It could be like my very own fishy spin the bottle. This week, the bottle was spun and guess where it landed… Reasons to Quit by Phosphorescent.

Download Phosphorescent – Reasons To Quit mp3 (from To Willie)

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