Video Round Up

Here are some recent music videos we’ve enjoyed. You might too.

Marissa Nadler will soon be on tour with Timber Timbre which is a double bill well worth catching. This is the video for Baby, I Will Leave You In The Morning.

Download Marissa Nadler – Baby I Will Leave You In The Morning mp3 (from Marissa Nadler)

MM faves Two Wounded Birds have this to accompany their song The Midnight Wave.


This is the Death Notes with their video for new single Obsession.


Likewise with the somewhat mental Trails and their debut single All The Other Humans.


Somewhat calmer indie-pop from Overlord with their video for Keep It From The Baby, which comes from latest album In Soviet Russia My Heart Breaks You.


Download Overlord – Keep It From The Baby mp3 (from Soviet Russia My Heart Breaks You)

Garage rockers Gardens have this offering for their song Teachers.


Download Gardens – Maze Time mp3 (from Gardens)

And finally the glorious oddball-ness of Fishboy and their tune Alyson Revere from Classic Creeps.

Download Fishboy – Alyson Revere mp3 (from Classic Creeps)

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